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e 26813 China: We are looking for PINK ROSE MARBLE BLOCKS and Norwegian Rose Block. Would you please give me some quarry owner information? Nov 30 Contact
e 26812 Russia: Our company interested for onyx blocks, to make souvenirs. We need prices and min supply. Telephone: 890908..... Nov 30 Contact
e 26811 India: We are interested in the big blocks of pure white Vietnam marble of finest quality with fine grain (crystal), for the purpose of carving. Kindly revert us back with the complete details and specification of the stone and also its prices. Phone +9199281..... Nov 30 Contact
e 26810 Poland: Can you get me price list for granite tiles from China? Telephone: 48 510 6..... Nov 30 Contact
e 26809 HUNGARY: I am looking for the colors "Thirumalaipatti Green" and/or "Gealaipatti Green". I am looking for a company that has this material in polished slabs 3-5-10 cm thickness one side polished and monuments. I wouldd need it as soon as possible. Nov 29 Contact
e 26808 South Africa: Want to purchase 200mmx200mm ceramic white tiles @ a price that suits my budget. require 1500m2. Telephone: +2703150.....Nov 29 Contact
e 26807 USA: Looking for a supplier who can supply marble and granite in USA. See profile sp0008-us.  Cell: 570-49..... Nov 28 Contact
e 26806: I need to see the sample of granite from zimbabwe then if is ok, then i can travel to buy at least two containers there. Nov 28 Contact
e 26805 Spain: Tiger rust need quotation for:
300 m2 of tile 60x40x1.5 oxide tiger polishing.
185 m2 of plinth for 7x2 polished oxide tiger
50 m2 of 240x70x2 in table polished oxide tiger
50 m2 of polished table 240x70x2 in G636.
Nov 27 Contact
e 26804 China: Please let me have your quotation of pink porino.
size 600 X 200 X 20T flammed
quantity : 350/m2
TEL/FAX : +86 595 26.....Nov 26 Contact
e 26803 China: I am interested in PINK ROSE marble made in Tunisia. Is your company a PINK ROSE marble quarry owner? Nov 26 Contact
e 26802 China: Please let me know whether you can supply Golden Beige stone (see attached). TEL/FAX : +86 595 269..... Nov 26 Contact
e 26801 UK: Retail: Would you advise a price for Grey Slate Marble Blocks. I believe they come from Greece. Tel: +44 (0)1277 2.....Nov 26 Contact
e 26800 Macedonia: We need to fill 1ore 2 x 20ft Container to be delivered to the Port of Thessalonaki,Greece or to the Port of Durres, Albania (Europe) Could you please let me know how many slabs of granite would fit in one container. I will require quotes for 1cm, 2cm and 3cm thick polished granite slabs in the following colours:
Ros Porino, Rosa Beta, chine Granite G687, 664 and G681,
Indian granites: Indiana Juparana, Kahsmir white, Paradiso Bash, Classic Paradiso, absolute Black, Nero impala, Nero zimbabwe absolute and Red Multicolour.
Upon your reply, I will then be able to specify sizes and quantities of each colour for a specific quote.
dim. 240upx65upx 1 ,2 , 3cm
250upx120upx 1,2,3cm
and Marble white 110x33x4cm polished on two side. tel. 00389702.....Nov 26 Contact
e 26799 USA: Retail: I would like to make an order of floor tiles and would like to know the types and sizes you have in stock as well as the prices and the types of credit cards you take for payment. Nov 25 Contact
e 26798 Ethiopia: Please quote for polishing machine. Tel:00251-911-2.....Nov 25 Contact
e 26797 Bangladesh: Please inform me the price of pumice stone 2-3 cm, 3-5 cm C&F chittagong, Bangladesh. Also inform me the quality measurement technique of this stone. Please inform me how can I receive some sample of pumice stone. Nov 24 Contact
e 26796 Canada: I want to buy granite blocks from Brasil, from India, from US and from Canada. The quality, colour of material is galaxy granite, black colour) Pink and Multicolors (similar to Kinawa). Telephone: 514-77..... Nov 24 Contact
e 26795 South Africa: I have a client in the middle east looking for Black Slate Tiles. My business is being the middle man, the client, put in a request for a product and I search for the requested products in South Africa and if the price is agreed, I arrange for export. Can you please send me a price list per m2 on all tile sizes and different types of Black Slate you have available. Tel: (+27) 013-24.....Nov 24 Contact
e 26794 Spain: Could you send quotation for 850 m2 (2 container) PERLATO SICILIA tiles? Also send photo 60x30x2 polished of 1st. and com. quality. Nov 23 Contact
e 26793 USA: retail: Do you have 1 slab of Crema Capachino marble 115 inches long? Nov 23 Contact
e 26792 USA: Retail: I am interested in purchasing Bench Small. I would like to know the type of payment you do accept.  Nov 23 Contact
e 26791 USA: Retail: Interested in CONNECTICUT FIELDSTONE. See readystock 480. Nov 23 Contact
e 26790 Egypt: We want buy Emperador Dark Marron and Rojo Alicante with size big slabs x 2 cm , polished , random slabs. Send me good price / fob. Nov 20 Contact
e 26789 India: We are one of the leading builder of construction, furniture work, decoration etc. Co. We are currently in need Stones as per the attached spread sheet bill of quantity for flooring works for our project. You are kindly requested to please arrange to quote us your most competitive prices at the earliest. Please feel free to contact incase you require further information / clarification pertaining to the said matter.
1 Stonework ( machine cut edges ) for wall lining etc. backing filled with a grout of 12mm thick cement mortar 1 : 3 ( 1 cement : 3 coarse sand ) including pointing in white cement mortar 1 : 2 ( 1 cement : 2 stone dust ) with an admixture of pigment matching the stone shade ( to be secured to the backing by means of cramps  which shall be paid seperately ) :    
  Mandana Red  stone (1st quality) - Exposed face machine cut and table rubbed with rough backing.    
  30mm thick Sqm. 100
2 Providing and fixing 18mm thick gangshaw cut mirror polished ( premoulded and prepolished ) machine cut for  kitchen platforms, vanity counters, window sills, facias and similar locations of required size of approved shade,  colour and texture laid over 20mm thick base cement mortar 1 : 4 ( 1 cement : 4 coarse sand ) with joints treated with white cement, mixed with matching pigment,   epoxy touch ups, including rubbing, curing moulding and polishing to edge to give high gloss finish etc. complete at all levels.    
  18 mm th Granite of  telephone black colour  (Ist quality) - area of slab upto 0.50 sqm Sqm. 10
3 Providing and fixing 18mm thick gangshaw cut mirror polished ( premoulded and prepolished ) machine cut for  kitchen platforms, vanity counters, window sills, facias and similar locations of required size of approved shade,  colour and texture laid over 20mm thick base cement mortar 1 : 4 ( 1 cement : 4 coarse sand ) with joints  treated with white cement, mixed with matching pigment,  epoxy touch ups, including rubbing, curing moulding and polishing to edge to give high gloss finish etc. complete at all levels.    
  18 mm th Granite of  telephone black colour  (Ist quality)-area of slab above 0.50 sqm Sqm. 25
4 Providing & fixing cramps of required size & shape in RCC/ CC backing with cement mortar 1 : 2 ( 1 cement : 2 coarse sand ) including drilling necessary hole in stones and embedding the cramp in the hole ( fastener to be paid seperately )    
  Stainless steel cramps Kg. 50
5 Providing & fixing expansion hold fasteners on CC/ RCC surface backing including drilling necessary holes and the cost of bolt etc. complete.    
  Wedge expansion type    
  Fastener with threaded dia 12mm. Each 1000
6 Marble stone flooring with 18mm thick marble stone ( sample of marble shall be approved by Engineer in charge ) over  30mm ( average ) thick base of cement mortar 1 : 4 ( 1 cement : 4 coarse sand ) laid and jointed with grey cement slurry including rubbing and polishing ( granite  polish ) complete with :    
  i) Makrana white Marble- first quality ( spotless ) Sqm. 50
7 Granite stone flooring with 20 mm thick granite stone ( sample of granite shall be approved by Engineer in charge ) over  30mm ( average ) thick base of cement mortar 1 : 4 ( 1 cement : 4 coarse sand ) laid and jointed with grey cement slurry including rubbing and polishing ( granite  polish ) complete with :    
  ii) Telephone black Granite ( 1st. Quality )  Sqm. 45
8 Kota stone slab flooring(1st quality) over 20mm thick ( average ) base laid over and jointed with grey cement  slurry mixed with pigment to match the shade of the slab including rubbing and polishing (granite  polish)complete with base of  cement mortar 1 : 4 ( 1 cement : 4 coarse sand ).      
    25mm thick Sqm. 100
9 Mandana Red  stone  ( 1st. Quality )  25mm thick in risers of steps, skirting, dado and pillars laid on 12mm ( average ) thick cement mortar 1 : 3(1 cement : 3 coarse sand ) and jointed with grey cement slurry mixed with pigment to  match the shade of slabs, including rubbing and polishing complete. Sqm. 250
10 Mandana Red  stone ( 1st. Quality ) 40mm thick fine dressed stone flooring over 30mm thick ( average ) base of cement morter 1 : 5 ( 1 cement : 5 coarse sand ) including pointing with cement morter 1:2   ( 1 cement : 2 stone dust ) with an admixture of pigment to match the shade of stone including rubbing and polishing complete(granite  polish). Sqm. 950
11 Extra for pre finished nosing in treads of steps of Kota / Mandana red stone slab. Rmt. 1000
12 Providing and fixing 1st quality glazed wall ceramic tiles confirming to IS : 15622  thickness to be specified by manufacture of approved make in all colours, shades  of any size as approved by Engineer in charge in skirting, risers of steps and dados over 12mm thick bed of cement mortar 1 : 3 ( 1 cement :3 coarse sand ) and jointing with grey cement slurry @ 3.3 kg per sqm including pointing in white cement mixed with pigment of matching the shade complete.(Make-Kajaria-Bermuda Crema-200x200) Sqm. 125

Tel: +91-99997.....Nov 20 Contact

e 26788 USA: retail: I am a homeowner in the US. Do you sell small quantities of tiles? I only need two boxes…about 20 tiles. Nov 20 Contact
e 26787 Lebanon: Our group was established to support our group management team and attend to tenders in Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and remote areas. The group is very well established with leading companies in Industrial Equipment, Warehousing, Building Materials and Office Furniture design and supply.
A part of our group is a Lebanon based company, specialized in building materials supply.
Another part is involved in product range currently covers marbles, granite, ceramic tiles and custom made stone production.
We are targeting doors manufacturers, PVC ceilings, Kitchen manufacturers, Chimney manufacturers and Sanitary Wear manufacturers.
Interested in Crème Marfil, Galala and Turkish café latee are our main target.  Nov 20 Contact
e 26786 USA: I want to know if you can fabricate or order Granite Countertops with the following specs to be picked up from your location :
Item :
Kitchen Island Tops (44 square feet)
Dimensions :
1 @ 36" X 76"
1 @ 42" X 84"
Material :
Absolute Black Granite
Thickness :
3cm (approximately 1 1/4")
Edge Treatment :
Polished full bull nose
Cut-outs and Splashes :
Not required
Please let me know the total cost for the 2 and also let me know the methods of payment you accept so we will proceed with payment processing prior to fabrication and pick-up. Nov 20 Contact
e 26785 USA: retail: I am looking to source granite for my Kitchen project. Here is the information that is needed:
4 slabs = approx 240 sq ft Blue Polare (we are not interested in standard Volga Blue). Tel: 408-34.....Nov 20 Contact
e 26784 Bangladesh: Please quote your best price for following Indonesia Pumice Stone.
Pumice Stone (2-3) CM Indonesia 25Kg 10,000 Bag
Special Requirement:
a) Size Variation tolerance level will be 0%. Size should be accurate as per our requirement.
b) All Stone Should be 100% Bone Dry
c) Tolerance Level of weight loss per Bag will be 0.50 Kg/ Bag
d) Hard Rock will not be acceptable in any way
Price Term : CFR Chittagong.
Mode Of shipment : By Sea.
Mode Of payment : LC.
Nov 19 Contact
e 26783 USA: I am interested in ~1000 sq ft of Jerusalem Antique Gold (Halila) - 12" x 12" x 3/8" Honed tile. Please let me know if this is still available and how much the shipping charge would be for delivery to Oregon. I am ready to purchase right away. Tel: 541-38.....Nov 19 Contact
e 26782 USA: retail: I need 90 square ft. of St. Helena pink marble tiles. I reside in California. Nov 19 Contact
e 26781 Turkey: Interested in:
STAR GALAXY 2 X (70-80) X (200-300) GRANITES
BLACK GALAXY 2 X (70-80) X (200-300) GRANITES
NEW IMPERIAL RED 2 X (70-80) X (200-300) GRANITES
CORAL MARON 2 X (70-80) X (200-300) GRANITES
RAIN FOREST GREEN 2 X (70-80) X (200-300) GRANITES
TEL: +90312 44.....Nov 18 Contact
e 26780: We are interested in GRANITE BLOCK CUTTER PEDRINI – M 530. Nov 18 Contact
e 26779 USA: I need to purchase 160 sq ft of Jerusalem Tiger Gold Hones 16x16 tile. Can you help me? Nov 18 Contact
e 26778 France: We would like to find Italian marble tiles, marble slabs (Botticino and Pink Portugal) and marble aggregate (white carrara or calacatta size: 5-10mm) in Italia. Mobile: (00225) 47 6.....Nov 17 Contact
e 26777 Switzerland: Pouvez- vous me donner un prix ? pour 40 m2 de 1200x600x20 de Bianco Thassos finition adoucie, et le délais?
Tel: 021 80.....Nov 17 Contact
e 26776 India: I am interested in granite slabs, please send me the details. Nov 16 Contact
e 26775 USA: Please quote for perlato sicilia. See pricelist 258. Please show your actual contact point and P.S. photo. Nov 16 Contact
e 26774 USA: Interested in Camelia Pink from the country list under Granites from USA. I would require to buy sufficient Camelia Pink granite to cover 11,000 square feet of floor area. This email is to request you to arrange for the supply of the requisite granite and furnish a quotation in relation to pricing. As regards to shipping it is quite possible for our logistics provider to collect from the supplier and bring it over to our construction site.  Nov 16 Contact
e 26773: I will be interested in working in collaborating with a company doing inlay work with stone.  Nov 16 Contact
e 26772 India: Please could you send me the price list of all type of tiles available in india with quantity. Nov 16 Contact
e 26771 Bangladesh: We are interested to imported the 3-5 size pumice stone from your company. We need C & F Chittagong, Bangladesh (Price). Nov 15 Contact
e 26770 USA: I will like to place an order for this item kindly get me the price:
B.BIT T51 3.5
B.BIT 3.5 "T45FL
B.BIT 3.5"T45
B.BIT 4"T51

with pricing and availability on those item from the factory and type of credit card you do accept for the payment (Visa, Master Card) so that i can advice with quantity needed on each item and forward you with payment detail for the full order as soon as possible today. Tel 800-76.....Nov 15 Contact
e 26769: interested in Inlay work. My Telefon is 00201023.....Nov 15 Contact
e 26768 India: Need Sandstone for Floooring ASAP. Tel:  +91 80 2321.....Nov 15 Contact
e 26767 Egypt: We have two factories in Dubai, and Doha and have a big project from the following materials :-
1- Oman Tropical Oro slabs Honed and brushed in slabs 4cm , 5cm and 7cm
2- Oman Rosa slabs Honed and brushed in slabs 4cm , 5cm and 7cm
3- Oman Beige slabs Honed and brushed in slabs 4cm , 5cm and 7cm
4- Oman Grey slabs Honed and brushed in slabs 4cm , 5cm and 7cm
5- Oman Oryx slabs Honed and brushed in slabs 4cm , 5cm and 7cm
Please give us best price for 80000M2.
TEl :- 00201239.....Nov 15 Contact
e 26766: We are looking for the pink pebbles 30,000 Bags x 20 Kg / bag. Size: 25mm – 40mm. Please quote FOB + Freight to Muara Port Brunei Darussalam. Nov 14 Contact
e 26765: Am interested in buying Diamond Tipped tools, about 1000pcs. What's your price? Nov 13 Contact
e 26764 Hungary: We are interested in buying granites in the following formats:
61 x 30,5 x 1 cm
60 x 40 x 1 cm
61 x 61 x 1,3 cm
We'd buy 10000 m2. Could you please send us a price list with all the colours for these formats? Nov 13 Contact
e 26763 USA: Trying to find basalt stones for massage to produce product my customers really want. Need 3", 4", 2.5" and 1" or something like this for massage bag of rocks. Need sources in the USA. Thanks so much for time and consideration. Nov 13 Contact
e 26762 USA: We require to know if you can fabricate some granite counter tops for us .We are looking for 12' x 12' or 400 x 400 mm absolute black granite counter tops qty 100 pieces. Kindly get back to us with the total cost and also advise if you accept credit card as a method of payment. Nov 13 Contact
e 26761: I am looking for 5 ton loading boom trucks. Mast must be fitted on Japanese lorry truck. Nov 12 Contact
e 26760 India: We are interested in Steel Grits for Gangsaw Granite cutting in India. Nov 12 Contact
e 26759 India: I have the requirement of GRANITES & MARBLES for my house, which is in the finishing stage at Kerala- India. Please provide me your Material Range and the prices for me to study. If you have any agents in Kerala, please provide me their contact number so that I can deal with them directly. My approximate requirement is around 3000 sq feet. Nov 12 Contact
e 26758 USA: Retail: I am a residential buyer interested in purchasing as much as 75 tons of fieldstone for the purpose of building a stonewall. Do you have any contacts for delivery of this amount of stone to Fairfield, CT? Tel: (203) 29.....Nov 12 Contact
e 26757 USA: I need 420 sf of Bahia 12x12 Brown with in one week. Please do not contact me if you don't have this one. Telephone: 631-39..... Nov 11 Contact
e 26756 USA: I am interested in 9 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm paving stones from Jerusalem. What is your retail price per for 1 m3 and where can I pick it up? Nov 11 Contact
e 26755 Latvia: Our project includes designed columns, steps, baulks, floor tiles, skirting boards and many other travertine elements. We’re collecting information from some travertine sellers for the best price.
Some notes:
• We projected honed waterproof semi-gloss travertine for steps and floor tiles
• Columns made from 4 parts with rounded edges (+ if possible with metal tube inside) or from solid piece of travertine ( could you please calculate both options) or you can also suggest another solution for this construction. Nov 11 Contact
e 26754 USA: I will like to know the size and the price for the stones. Do you accept all major credit for payment? I want to know if you do sell Stones? I want to know if you can get me the material below:
Category: Cultured Stone
Name: Limestone
Stone sizes: 30*15, 60X15cm,
Color: gray/black
Natural Flagstone
Size: 2-3cm.3-5cm.5-7cm
Color TAN/GREY..
Please send me the pallet pricing for the material and I'll let you know how many pallets I will be needing. Nov 10 Contact
e 26753 Canada: I am looking for mexican shell stone ‘’coquina’’ one slab 4’’ thick 4’x8’ or any full size slab. Tél.: (450) 63.....Nov 10 Contact
e 26752 India: I am interested in buying used gangsaw (GANGSAW GASPARI (S350) Japan) for marble cutting hence need your help and support. Tel: +91-99207.....Nov 10 Contact
e 26751: I am visiting Nairobi for ten months and am interested in purchasing stone for my art studio, for carving. Do you sell soapstone, limestone, granite or marble? I thank you very much. Please reply as to color, price, and how do I find your quarry, if possible. Nov 10 Contact
e 26750 : Interested in Iranian marble and travertine. Nov 10 Contact
e 26749 USA: We are looking for seaweed green 18x18 granite tiles. Phone number is 908-78.....Nov 10 Contact
e 26748 USA: I am in need of a granite block 10 " by 10 " and 2 " thick . Can you locate 1 piece and how much with UPS shipping? Nov 9 Contact
e 26747 USA: Interested in Granite and marble slabs.  Nov 9 Contact
e 26746: I might be interested to set up a stone crushing plant in Nigeria. Please provide us with some more details (capacity, rock type, required specifications,...). What would the cooperation be (JV, partnership, ...). Tel: 009055438.....  Nov 9 Contact
e 26745: I would like to order same Balustrade Unit and I would like to know the types you have with the prices of each as well as your method of payment.
e 26744: Want to buy a bucket wheel excavator. Nov 9 Contact
e 26743 USA: Interested in Sandstone Blocks. Nov 8 Contact
e 26742 USA: I need 350M2 of sawn sandstone in ideally 600mm2 and 600mm by 300mm also 1000 sawn sandstone sets 225mm by 100mm. Nov 7 Contact
e 26741 USA: I am looking for 1500 sqft of absolute black flamed granite tile in 18x18 or 12x12 for immediate shipment. Phone: 630-91.....Nov 7 Contact
e 26740 USA: We are interested in Jerusalem Tiger gold honed 16x16. Can you send me a picture of this tile so I can make sure it is the right one? Nov 6 Contact
e 26739 Sri Lanka: Requirement of Marble, Travertine, Limestone for a project in Srilanka.
We require the enclosed list of Material for an project in Sri lanka.
Kindly Mail us the pictures (Actual) of the Materials and Prices immediately.
On confirmation of the Materials we would like to have the following samples by Freight to Colombo, Srilanka.
1. Limestone LA PERLA KS POLISHED– 600 X 300 X 20MM – 1 NO PER
1000 X 600 X 30MM - 1NO.
Kindly send by AirFreight / Please send us a proforma Invoice indicating cost and Air Freight charges. Nov 6 Contact
e 26738 USA: I am interested in purchasing a 20 ft container of granite slabs. Telephone: 1 868 65.....  Nov 6 Contact
e 26737 Italy: Please quote for prices and sizes slabs of all polished Indian Quartzite or Velvet thickness. Calibrated 1.5 cm and tiles 60x60x1, 5 - 60x120x1.5. Payment: Upon receipt and inspection of material occurred. Nov 6 Contact
e 26736 Russia: Our company is engaged in processing of natural stones and manufacture of architectural wares. We looking for companies that export marble and granite. Please give us a price list for your products green marbles, bidasar, sandstone slabs and monthly output capacity. Nov 5 Contact
e 26735 UAE: Please send me the current slab price for the 20mm thk Perlato Cecelia & Alicante marble polished finish up to port of Dubai. Nov 5 Contact
e 26734 USA: I am an importer of Peruvian Travertine to our line. Nov 5 Contact
e 26733 USA: I am looking for 2" slab (minimum 30"x 54") of Portuguese Pink Marble. I'm also looking for small blocks (18"x15"x4") of this stone.
telephone: 707-82.....Nov 4 Contact
e 26732 Croatia: Do you have stock of Chinese granites? Nov 3 Contact
e 26731 India:  I am planning to set up a Small scale unit for granite processing unit. As the raw material blocks are available in different sizes we opted for bridge type. The following are the details: 
CONTACT NO. : +91 99495.....Nov 3 Contact
e 26730: Price on your cheapest 12 x 12 & 4x4 black ceramic tile. Nov 2 Contact
e 26729 USA: I am interested in getting a cost estimate for supplying granite for a stone seawall in New York City. Based on their ad on, I would like to contact supplier sp1269-us to discuss cost for materials and delivery for this job. Phone: 212 54..... Nov 2 Contact
e 26728: I would like to order (RIVER MEXICAN PEBBLES) 1/2" - 1", 1" - 2", 2" - 3", 3" - 5" and 6" - 8" or if you don't have this sizes or types get back to me with sizes and types you have in stock with the price of each bulk by bag or Basket so that i will tell you the quantity i will be ordering. Nov 2 Contact
e 26727 Saudi Arabia: My house is under construction, I am interested to put marbles on the floor of area nearly 2500 square feet. Could you send the price list of different type of marbles. Nov 2 Contact
e 26726: I need a price for a 910 wheel loader. Nov 2 Contact
e 26725 Australia: I have a client who is after a marble stone that is closest to the Calacatta Oro but without the price tag. Can you recommend something? Maybe a Carrara but the client enjoys the gold/brown colour in the Calacatta oro. Tel: +61 3 942.....Nov 2 Contact
e 26724 USA: I NEED A PRICE OF (SAN MATEO 18 X 18) PRICE LANDED IN MCALLEN, TEXAS 8,000 SQ. FT. Telephone: (956) 59..... Nov 2 Contact
e 26723 Afghanistan: If you are in used Construction Equipment Business, please check the following information. Please find attached file for Quotation. Please send me Quotation for available products MODEL 1995 TO 2000. THE PRODUCT LIST WILL BE EXPORT TO AFGHANISTAN. Mobile: + 97150 89.....
1 Truck, Water - 5000gal 6x4 w/Firefighting cap. Hose reel and water monitor 3
2 Truck, Water - 10000Lt Non-Potable water w/Spreader bar and pump 5
3 Truck, Water - 10000Lt Potable water  23
4 Truck, Vacuum - 4000gal 6x4 2
5 Truck, 4000Lt Diesel Tanker 9
6 Truck, Flatbed 6x4 w/10ton Knuckle Boom, 24' Deck 1
7 Mechanics Truck 4x4 - F550 w/Crane, Welder and Hyd Air Compressor 5
8 Dozer, Cat D6R w/winch and cab 3
9 Skid Steer Track loader w/6 way blade, Auger, Forks, Bucket and Backhoe 11
10 Manlift, telescoping, RT, 30' reach 2
11 Rigging Container 0
12 Truck, 2ton dropside, All Terrain/Off Road tires 20
13 Kawasaki Mule 4010 trans 4x4 10
14 Ditch Witch Trencher, 36' dig model RT12, walk behind 11
15 Excavator, Caterpillar, mini hydraulic, model 302.5C 11
16 Dump Truck, 5 Cubic Meter 12
17 Truck, Toyota Hilux 4x4 10
18 Backhoe, JCB 4CX 2
19 Crane, 75ton w/counter weights, rigging and spreader bar and outrigger pads 10
20 Forklift, Longreach, 15000lb w/foam filled tires 13
21 Forklift, Longreach, 7000lb w/foam filled tires 4
22 Forklift, Standard RT 8000lb 22

Nov 2 Contact

e 26722 Ethiopia: I am only interested on used European Terrazzo machineries especially when it comes to grinding and polishing. Nov 1 Contact
e 26720 Bangladesh: We are looking for a used marble gang saw in working condition with 70/80 blades. block length 3M, height 2M.
Tel : 8802 88.....Nov 1 Contact
e 26719 Denmark: Need Cobblestones pricelist. Telephone: 0045248..... Nov 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.