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79 inquiries in September, 100 inquiries so far in August

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 26624 India: We want to do marble, granites and tiles business in our place. Can I start my business with low investment. Telephone: 90157..... Sept 30 Contact
e 26623 USA: retail: I am searching for Moonlight Mist flagstone. I believe it is from Utah. Color or stone is beige, and specs in the stone are rust-colored. I want to purchase immediately. My cell is (925) 26.....Sept 30 Contact
e 26622 USA: I am interested in black diamond & black raven granite pavers for 600 Sq Ft. Please provide pricing for delivery to Philadelphia, PA 19103. Please quote the following: For 600 Sq Ft. Please provide pricing for the following four options.
- Flame Finish
- 2" thick
- (4' x 8') @ 80%
- (2' x 2') @ 20%

- Flame Finish
- 1 1/4" thick
- (4' x 8') @ 80%
- (2' x 2') @ 20%

- Flame Finish
- 2" thick
- (4' x 8') @ 80%
- (2' x 2') @ 20%

- Flame Finish
- 1 1/4" thick
- (4' x 8') @ 80%
- (2' x 2') @ 20%

Tel: (267) 93.....Sept 30 Contact
e 26621 USA: Looking for pricing on 650 sq ft of beaumaniere limestone tiles in 12 x 18. Sept 30 Contact
e 26620: I want to know if you do sell Stones? I want to know if you can get me the material below:
Category: Cultured Stone
Name: Limestone
Stone sizes: 1 Ό"–6" in height, 4"–16 Ύ" in length
Color: Chardonnay CSV-2045


Natural Flagstone
Size:1 or 2 inch

Please send me the pallet pricing for the material and I'll let you know how many pallets I will be needing. Sept 29 Contact
e 26619 USA: We are interested in the usual size of 1 Blue Bahia slab, square feet please, and the cost to ship it to Seattle Washington. Sept 29 Contact
e 26618: We are interested in buying granite cubes. Can i get a contact regarding your prices. Sept 29 Contact
e 26617 India: WE NEED 2,00,000 SQ. FEET KOTA STONE BLUE 22inches X 22inches X 20-25MM THICK TO BE DELIVERED AT DELHI.   Telephone: 98184..... Sept 28 Contact
e 26616 Fiji: We are looking for second hand unic and tadano cranes for medium size trucks. could you please quote me the price of these 2 types of cranes or hiab with relavant details. Sept 28 Contact
e 26615 Saudi Arabia: I am working dealer trade precious stones and silver in Saudi Arabia. I need a machine to cut the stones and organization of these services is available to you please provide me with pictures of the machines available to you as well as prices. Tel: +9665072......Sept 27 Contact
e 26614 Malta: We are interested to received information about your crema laguna marble. Can you send us photos and details please? Tel: +356 214......Sept 25 Contact
e 26613 Egypt: Kindly send us prices and specification for the Travertines from Belgium. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification that you may require. Office Fax-Phone: +966 2 67.....Sept 25 Contact
e 26612 Venezuela: We are looking for a Black pebbles flagstone size 7 to 9 cms. (please give information about different size available).
I would like to know if you have this good available, also we will appreciate that you send us pictures of them. Kindly send us details for shipment like: Price, Packing, Load Port, Laytime, Etc. Tel.: 0212-98.....Sept 24 Contact
e 26611 USA: We are currently looking for 500sf of 12x12 Leopard Pearl Tile. (5425A LEOPARD PEARL 12X12). Could you please tell us where in Florida we might be able to find it. Tel: 813-24.....Sept 24 Contact
e 26610 Nigeria: We are interested buying ceramic and porcelean tiles. We need to know your prices for 40 x 40. Telephone: 080331......  Sept 24 Contact
e 26609 Egypt: We need to know machine condition of 14G Cat and price C&F Alexanderia port. Sept 23 Contact
e 26608 USA: Do you still have this piece of Sodalite Blue? I am looking for a piece to fabricate a counter 146” long (seam ok). Tel: 201-84.....Sept 23 Contact
e 26607 USA: I am looking for direct supplier of slab granite for kitchens. I am opening a wholesale warehouse in Arizona, USA and plan to open more locations in California and Nevada USA. P. 480-83.....Sept 22 Contact
e 26606 India: retail: i am planning to put marbles on the floor in my new home. so I would like to know the prices of marbles and about the deferent kinds of marbles and granites to put on my 1300 square feet floor. Sept 22 Contact
e 26605 Ghana: We will need the price list and the brochures of your products. Contact: 002332799......Sept 22 Contact
e 26604 USA: retail: I am interested in your marble cream pink (red jade). Please contact me at 330-55..... Sept 22 Contact
e 26603 USA: Please quote for diamond tools as per supplier profile sp0218-in. Sept 22 Contact
e 26602 USA: Please send price list…we are located in Virginia and are looking for good quality flagstone. Sept 22 Contact
e 26601: We wish to place an order for some of your ceramics floor tiles. Kindly give us a comprehensive quote for 40ft container load, stating the total cost of the merchandise, shipping cost to Saint John the Baptist Island (Cabo-Verde) discount allowed and your appropriate mode of payment. Sept 22 Contact
e 26600 Russia: I am interested of VOLGA BLUE, CAPAZZI, AFRICA RED, ZIMBABWE BACK granite block L 200 cm up,W80cm ,H not more than 110 cm.  Sept 22 Contact
e 26599 USA: Retail: I am looking for a piece of granite for a marker, Rectangle 24-32” wide, 12-20” tall, 4+” thick. Please provide me with some pricing options within these specifications.  Sept 22 Contact
e 26598 USA: Retail: I am looking for some argillite. Sept 20 Contact
e 26597 USA: retail: I have a home in Staten Island and would like to have a cobblestone curb in the front of my home. I would need approximately 40. I guess they measure about 8"? Please advise and thanks for your time. Sept 20 Contact
e 26596 Namibia: Looking for all kind of stones and the prices. Tel: 00264-61-2..... Sept 20 Contact
e 26595 USA: I am looking for 3,000.00 sq ft. granite and marble please can you send me to your price list and color list asap! Tel: 301-32.....Sept 19 Contact
e 26594 USA: I am interested in buying Chinese granite slabs for a project in Boca Raton. Please call me if you are a distributor ONLY. I have a fabricator. Phone: 561-70.....Sept 18 Contact
e 26593 USA: I am looking for 6-8 tons of USGA sand or Reed Sedge Peat (90-10 or 85-15). Telephone: 480 24..... Sept 17 Contact
e 26592 UK:  I am a sculptor and am looking for soapstone and serpentine something softish and polishable. Sept 16 Contact
e 26591: Our company specialize in producing many kinds of granite. We need some products from as you:
1. Gang saw
2. Polishing machine
300.000 mm2/year
Please let us know about the price (all products) and the quality of your product. Sept 16 Contact
e 26590 Poland: Interested in granite blocks from Ukraine and South Africa. Sept 16 Contact
e 26589 UAE: Can you please provide for me FOB prices per sq. m for the following items below:
Office No : +971-4-35......Sept 16 Contact
e 26588: We are looking for stock lots of marble and granite blocks internationally or marble stock lots in India. Sept 16 Contact
e 26587 USA: We are working in a project and we need 1,700 SF of Granite Tile. Color: Silver Sea green. Size: 12”x12” Finish: Polished. Tel: 973-23.....Sept 15 Contact
e 26586:  Please can you provide me with a company that works with alabaster. Tel: 015252......Sept 15 Contact
e 26585 UK: Interested in Spanish granites. Tel: 01509 4......Sept 15 Contact
e 26584 Nigeria: Kindly furnish me with any interested parties that may want to set up a stone crushing or quarrying plant in Ondo State Nigeria. Tel: 234 80330.......Sept 15 Contact
e 26583: I am a grounds keeper at a church in PA. We are taking on a project that is requiring a projected triaxle of limestone boulders. Obviously these are tough to find. I'm looking for some prices. I can be contacted @72464.....Sept 15 Contact
e 26582 USA: I will like to know if you do carry
4 each Soapstone countertops 84 X 42
Do get back to me with the types and cost for the ones you do carry and let me know if there is an extra cost when using visa or master card.Kindly get back to me with your name and your direct phone number. Sept 15 Contact
e 26581 USA: I am wondering what your min. order is. Here is what I need:
Absolute Black Slabs: Qty: 2 114x79
Absolute Black Slab: Qty: 1: 114x79
Travertine Slabs: Qty: 2: 107x63
Carrara Marble: Qty 3: 119x64
What is the lead time? Will they ship direct, or do we need to arrange for shipping. Tel: 775-78.....Sept 14 Contact
e 26580 India: For a export order I’m looking for 500 M2 of black galaxy granite tiles, size 30x30x1 cm. Can you deliver this and what will your price be FOB Mumbai? (M) 99999.....Sept 14 Contact
e 26579 USA: We are looking to buy 60 pieces of granite 8ft long by 26 inches wide from brazil. The thickness is 1.25 inches and we also need 4 inch backsplash. If you could provide a price delivered and a time frame that would be great. Santa Cecilia is the ideal color. Tel: 443-66.....Sept 11 Contact
e 26578 USA: RETAIL: Do you have azul platino 12 x 12 tiles. please call us. or email we need them soon. Telephone: 860-64......  Sept 11 Contact
e 26577 TURKEY: i want to buy some of your various colour granites. Telephone: +90028677.....Sept 11 Contact
e 26576 TURKEY: We are looking for:
Granite tile, Grade 0 (DIN 876-1)
Quantity: 1 piece (max. 3000 kg)
Sizes and tolerances: 230 (+/- 50) x 1600 (+/- 150) x 2000 (+/- 20) mm
Smoothness tolerance: 10-14 mikron.
There should be at least 4-leg supports independant from each other and adjustable for levelling. tel: +90-312-28......Sept 10 Contact
e 26575 Bangladesh: Kindly offer your best rock bottom C&F Chittagong Price of 312 Mt Pumice Stone size 3-5 cm. for our customer in Bangladesh. Mobile: +(880-11) 980.....Sept 10 Contact
e 26574 USA: retail: I am interested in placing a flagstone patio in my yard and would like to find the best price for the stone. I need stone to cover roughly 500 square feet and I am interested in stones roughly 2 feet by 2 feet, no larger than 4 feet in any dimension and the thickness should be roughly 1 inch thick. Contact: (843) 57.....Sept 10 Contact
e 26573: I would like to know if you carry floor tiles and the Size is... can u give me the price of it.
Thickness: 20mm
-3 tiles/m2
600 X 600 mm, 4 pcs./Ctn/1.44 m2. Sept 8 Contact
e 26572 Pakistan: Please quote for CAT 950B. Send me the pictures and your best price in a container. Contact # +92-333-32.....Sept 8 Contact
e 26571 USA: i will like to see your fossil marble in aventura florida. please advise. Sept 7 Contact
e 26570 UK: A business colleague and I are looking in to importing Indian sandstone in to the UK for sale. We are coming on holiday to India in October, and wish to meet up with yourselves as well as a range of potential suppliers. Please could you provide me with your telephone number, so that we can discuss this further. Telephone: 01823 4...... Sept 7 Contact
e 26569 Thailand: Will you pls.send me 1 Kg. sample of “Zeolite” with Spec. COA. MSDS & Price FOB BKK port. Sept 6 Contact
e 26568: I want to purchase gioia venatino marble. What will be per sq. ft price? Sept 6 Contact
e 26567 Iran: May you send me any available Iranian or Chinese brown limestone picture and price list? Telephone: 009871182..... Sept 6 Contact
e 26566: Please send us your best price for the Item.
1. Quartzite, Size 2-4mm Brown Colour - 500 Tons
2. Granite Cube Stone 15CM x 15CM x 15 CM Black Colour – 4000 Nos. Sept 6 Contact
e 26565 Indonesia: We are supplier at Batam Island - Indonesia (near Singapore), please kindly quote to us for Stabilizer Blocks (see image) This material is to operate with wheeled crane for our customer safety improvement. Order quantity will be 16 PCs.
Dimension : 1000 x 1000 x 50 mm
Load Capacity : 40,000 KGs
Weight : 50 KG
Telp. 0778-4.....Sept 5 Contact
e 26564 Nigeria: Looking for countries that are ready to set up a stone quarry in Nigeria in a place that has large deposit of limestone, granite and other valuable stone. Telephone: 23480222..... Sept 4 Contact
e 26563 UK: We are an English fireplace manufacturer. I have recently seal quite a large contract and now require around 70 slabs 2400mm x1200mm rough sizes of Chinese beige or Reyon Beige micro marble. Would this be something that you could supply. if so could you please quote me the sharpest price possible delivered to Manchester, England. Sept 4 Contact
e 26562: I would like to Order some Travertine.. I want to know the types that you carry in stock as well as the price ranges for me to advice the quantity I desire. however I want this units to be shipped to Ghana West Africa and I want to know the types of credit card you admit for payment. Sept 4 Contact
e 26561 : I want to know if you do sell Stones? I want to know if you can get me the materials below.
Name: Limestone Stone sizes: 1 Ό"–6" in height, 4"–16 Ύ" in length.
Color: Chardonnay CSV-2045 OR Natural Flagstone Size:1 or 2 inch Color TAN/GREY.
Please send me the pallet pricing for the material and I'll let you know how many pallets I will be needing. Sept 4 Contact
e 26560 USA: I am very interested in your SHAYAN Marbles. I know there're 3 major types of this. Would you please tell me your whole sale price of each of them. We'll buy a lot. Telephone: 1-732-82.....Sept 4 Contact
e 26559: I am interested in locating some soapstone for the purpose to us for sculpturing. Do you know if it exists in South Australia? I live in Adelaide. Sept 3 Contact
e 26558 Nigeria: I need invitation letter from company in Italy because I want to buy a container of Sicilia marble 30x60. But I need to see the shipper for more order.  My mobile 23480344.......What i need is one container of 30 x 60 x 2cm thickness. How many sqm are there in 20ft container? Sept 3 Contact
e 26557 USA: I am looking for Rosa Verona 18”x18” Pol 1100 sf. Tel: 561 43.....Sept 2 Contact
e 26555 UAE: We are Granite manufacturer and supplier in ME and Asian. We are interested in Labrador blue pear and yours all other
colors Granites Blocks for the circular saw size blocks. If you can offer us any products from your quarry. Kindly send us your offer and detail price CIF Dubai or FOB in US$ per CBM. Tel: +9714 22.....Sept 2 Contact
e 26554 Tanzania: I am looking for Rough Terrain Cranes 25Tons in working condition preferable year 1980-1990. Kindly send me the priced information you have in your stock. My country is Tanzania my port of destination is Dar es salaam. Sept 2 Contact
e 26553: Please quote with images for sintering machine. Sept 2 Contact
e 26552 Australia: I am interested in the white carrara slabs. Mobile: 0416 2..... Sept 2 Contact
e 26551 Bolivia: We have a marble quarry that we are setting up for production. We are interested in purchasing a multihead marble/granite polishing machine among others. We have found through your website a list of machinery that we are interested in, how can we find more information? Telefono: 716.....Sept 2 Contact
e 26550 UK: Interested in conglomerate tiles. What colour are they, How many sq meters do you have , Where do I need to collect from. Sept 2 Contact
e 26549 USA: We are finding 28.000 sq. ft. BLACK SHINE or POLISHING tile or marble 24 x 24 if you can send a real quotation, please send pictures. and technical information. Telephone: 786 52.....Sept 1 Contact
e 26548 USA: I will like to make an order for massaging stone. I will like to know the cost for it. Sept 1 Contact
e 26547 Egypt: Please inform me by the Price for Perlatto Sicilia for 125000 Sqm. Also tell me where is your place in Italy or some other place.
Send to me your contact details to see if available to go to Italy to visit the quarry. Mobile: +20 12 26.....Sept 1 Contact
e 26546 Afghanistan: We request to have an urgent contact with your excellency's office regarding some required machineries. Telephone: +93 796 3..... Sept 1 Contact
e 26545 USA: I am trying to finder a dealer or dealers that have Biancone Marble Blocks from Italy. If they have some in China that would be great.. in Xiamen would be best. Sept 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.