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e 26718: I have some business in marble quarry and want to know some details about this machine 'Arm Chain Saw In Italy' (prices - performance - requirements - exchange parts - maintenance - support ) and please send me your instant email id to can chat with you at live to can make our business easy and fast. Oct 31 Contact
e 26717 USA: Interested in Simex Marble polishing line + bridge milling machine. See readystock 162. Cell: 702-23......Oct 30 Contact
e 26716 USA: Would like to know if INGERSOL RAND MT6520 is available? See readystock 552. Tel.: 905-87.....Oct 30 Contact
e 26715 UK: I am interested in marble conglomerate floor tiles. What size please and what colour? Oct 30 Contact
e 26714 USA: We are granite fabricators / installers, and interested in Giallo Santa Cecilia granite slabs. Tel.: 315 45..... Oct 30 Contact
e 26713 South Africa: Retail: I am interested in the Madura Gold Granite. I am also in Elizabeth. If you may please let me know how much you charge per sq/ft. and also where I am able to go and take a look at it. Oct 30 Contact
e 26712 UK: I am looking for someone to make four cubes from marble, two yellow and two white. One red and one yellow in 5x5x5cm and the other 6 x 6 x 6cm. Best if possible to get reused marble from churches. Telephone: +4413428..... Oct 30 Contact
e 26711 Kuwait: We would like you to inform us on the following:
Halabi Limestone from Syria for:
-3cm 186sqm, raw cut, slab
-8cm 9sqm, raw cut slab
-15cm 8sqm, raw cut, slab
Telephone: 00965 248..... Oct 29 Contact
e 26710 USA: I am looking for some slabs 2cm pallidio (some say palladio - multi-stone burgundy background). Tel: 303-57.....Oct 29 Contact
e 26709 USA: retail: I am looking for the gravel used at the Animal Kingdom in their bone yard for a playground in Texas. Do you know where I can buy this product? Oct 28 Contact
e 26708 USA: 1 container brazil stone. ready to buy now. looking for a supplier. Tel: 251-86.....Oct 28 Contact
e 26707 South Africa: Looking for marble chips 13mm.  Telephone: 08372..... Oct 28 Contact
e 26706 Pakistan: We are looking for expanded perlite source in the size of 3-5 mm. The purpose is to use it as garment abrasive. I saw a price quote for similar product on your website. We need samples for which we can pay the cost or have it sent on our fedex account. Our demand will be 1000 tonnes a year. Tel: 92-308-68..... Oct 28 Contact
e 26704 South Africa: We are furniture manufacturing company looking for the best option for purchasing granite and marble. Our factory is situated in Kempton Park, South Africa. Tel: 083 23.....Oct 27 Contact
e 26703 Nigeria: We are very interested in your products enumerated as follows:
1) polished granite wall and floor tiles of 40/40cm (YOU MAY ENLIGHTEN US ON YOUR OWN CODE OF CALLING GRANITE BY SIZES AND PRICE PER SQM). We urgently need the samples of about ten different light colours of the above stated materials. In the samples of the polished granite tiles to be imported, kindly include plain light blue and cream colour. We are ready to bear the cost of the DHL fees of these samples into Nigeria. Let us know the DHL payment terms on receive of the samples, we intent to be importing between 5-10 containers monthly. Tel: +23480335.....Oct 27 Contact
e 26702: send information white katni marble slabs with rate and availability. Oct 26 Contact
e 26701: Looking for black granite from South Africa like Nero Africa. In other words, we need some South African companies. Oct 26 Contact
e 26700 USA: I currently import granite from Brazil and China. Lately have not been happy with the absolute black from China. I am looking to make a good contact in india so i can come visit and buy some containers. I am needing a price as quickly as possible on 2 containers:
1 container of 12 x 12 tiles in absolute black and i need the to match slabs as best a possible.
1 container of slabs mixed 2cm and 3cm. Also i need some slabs close to 80" x 48" where i am doing several islands in kitchens.
Like i mentioned before my customers were not happy about last shipment they received from china and if you can provide me competitive or better prices and quality on above mentioned and a good contact i estimate on bringing in about 2 containers a month. Tel: 1-617-87.....Oct 26 Contact
e 26699 USA: Interested in Mossrock / fieldstone. Could you provide phone number? Oct 25 Contact
e 26698 USA: Interested in a milling machine. Cell: 416-67.....Oct 25 Contact
e 26697 Singapore: I would like to place an order regarding some Rossa Portugallo Internal Cladding 30mm - 30 x 60 Polished 2500 m2 from your company to Singapore. I will really appreciate you email me back with those that you carry in stock and their price ranges, also your terms of payment as well. Oct 25 Contact
e 26696 USA: retail: I am looking for New Fantasy for my kitchen. Oct 24 Contact
e 26695 USA: Retail: I would like to order 2000 sqft Absolute Black / galaxy Granite Tile size: 600x600x20. I will like to know the price per tie so i can quote you with the quantity i want to order. Also what type of credit card do you accept as payment? Oct 24 Contact
e 26694 Israel: We are interested in your products:
1) The glazed ceramic tiles
2) The polished porcelain tiles.
Please send product catalog.
How many m2 accommodates 20Ft container. If you can let the price of the conditions of C & R Ashdod (Israel). Tel: +9725256.....Oct 24 Contact
e 26693 USA: How much is the French Vanilla 1" thick limestone? Oct 23 Contact
e 26692 USA: Interested in Spanish Limestone slabs. Do you have the ability to cut this into a French pattern? Tel: 510-83.....Oct 23 Contact
e 26691 UK: Interested in Waterjet machine from UK.   Oct 23 Contact
e 26690 Germany: We are searching for an exporter of outdoor tiles. We require two different kinds of frost proof homogeneous tiles:
- hexagon tiles (15cm*15cm, color: red) and
- rectangular tiles (15cm*10cm or 15cm*15cm, color: brown)
Attached you will find information about the tiles that we would like to replace. Please send me a quotation if you can offer these tiles or at least similar tiles with a difference of up to 5cm in any dimension. If possible, please also send photos. Oct 23 Contact
e 26689: We are distributor for building and garden materials in the east European market. Currently we are looking to purchase Indian White marble with Greyish lines. It is for a project of our customer in Lybia. The size of the tiles should be 300 x 600 x 30 mm. Polished.
The amount is 165000 m2. Can you send me your offer with price and description? mobile: +86 130066......Oct 23 Contact
e 26688 USA: Retail: Looking for a desk top of White Oman polished & bullnose. 72 inches long x 24 inches wide x 1/2 inch thick. Please advise availability and cost. Oct 23 Contact
e 26687 Poland: I am going to Italy and I would like to see BRECCIA ONICIATA TILES. Oct 23 Contact
e 26686: Where would I be able to get 1.5" landscape, pink granite? Oct 23 Contact
e 26685 Canada: Could you send me please a quote for absolute black block, needed dimensions are 1,4m x0,7m x0,15m (or 0,13m). Please quote for required min. quantities. We need to ship it in Armenia. Tel: 418-65.....Oct 22 Contact
e 26684 The Netherlands: We can buy travertine tumbled 90 x 60 cm- 60 x 60 cm etc. min. size 20 x 20 cm thickness 1.5 to 2 cm. Now we import from turkey and china travertine and some another marbles-please let me know your delivery programme-are you trader or have your own factories and quarries. More than 45 years we are on the makled only with natural Stone-we imported Stone and export-of course the Dutch marked (home marked) is very important. Telephone: (+31) 646 1.....Oct 22 Contact
e 26683 Qatar: We are requesting you to please send us your best price for Crema Marfil Marble Spanish with good quality. Size 60 x 60 2cm. C&F Doha. Oct 22 Contact
e 26682 Croatia: Please provide more information on Headstones. Oct 22 Contact
e 26681 UAE: I am inquiring for quartz prices 1.5mm-4mm crushed. Tel: +972-52-88.....Oct 22 Contact
e 26680 Vietnam: We need A loader quickly:
loader 966D 966E Model 1984:1990 and loader 936 model 1980:1991
Backhoe Caterpillar 420D and 416D year 2002 up. Excavator caterpillar 320D or C.
Of a good condition. Please send me it's pictures & it's price. H/P: (+84) 907 1.....Oct 22 Contact
e 26679 Ethopia: I am Civil Engineer who has my own private limited company in the area of construction (mainly finishing buildings with the use of marbles, Terazzo and others. Actually i am a licensed general contractor. I am planning to establish a factory able to produce terazzo tiles. For this purpose I am looking for used terrazzo tiles machines in a good condition. Accordingly, i would appreciate if you could send me catalogue (showing the description of the machines and price list). If necessary I am planning to visit Italy and in particular your company with my own money. This is therefore, to kindly request your cooperation in providing me with all the important information. Tel: 002519114.....Oct 21 Contact
e 26678 USA: NEED 1,000 tons - " (0.75 inch) gray gravel, free of all metal and debris, delivered and dumped at a site located on the northern boundary of the Refuge as directed by the Refuge Manager. INCLUDE DELIVERY CHARGES TO San Antonio, New Mexico 87832 $____________
LEAD TIME _______PAYMENT TERMS NET ________Ph: 813 63.....Oct 21 Contact
e 26676 UK: We are currently working on a hotel project in Egypt and would like some samples of Egyptian marbles. Could you please tell me a UK supplier to contact to get these. Telephone: 0207 32..... Oct 21 Contact
e 26675: Send me Detail of Hitachi EX100WD.  Oct 21 Contact
e 26674 Canada: I am looking for a skid of lava rock 12" & larger for Sweat Lodge. Telephone: (416) 70..... Oct 20 Contact
e 26673 Latvia: We are an architectural and design company from Latvia (Europe) and are interested in your production. At this moment we are building a large Wellness Center in the Crimea (Ukraine). There we are designed the columns, steps, risers, floors, skirting boards and many other travertine elements. We are interested in the rounded edges of travertine tiles, polished travertine, travertine columns and semicircular plates for columns. We are interested in different shades and colors of travertine, different sizes and different structures. Also, we need samples of your product catalog and detailed price list asap. Samples can send on DHL. Our DHL number is 969......Of course, we agree to pay for delivery costs. tel.: 00371 671.....Oct 20 Contact
e 26672 USA: I will like to know do you carry Polishing Pads in stock. If yes, kindly email back with the types and prices on each to enable me choose the quantities I will like to order. Also let me know the types of payment you do accept. Hope to hear from you soon. Ph. 1-206-33.....Oct 19 Contact
e 26671 USA: I am a general contractor in tennesse. Do you have or can you get sodalite blue travertine polished tiles for me. I need 1300 sqft at wholesale price. Oct 19 Contact
e 26670 Kuwait: We are very interested the granite stones. We need big quantity of all sizes, you have in stock for granite, Marble and Marble Dust for Kuwait. Please send us the quotation with all the colors you have. Telephone: +965664..... Oct 18 Contact
e 26669 USA: I am interested in buying moss rock and field stone by the truck load. If possible I would like to speak to someone by phone. Telephone: 631 80.....  Oct 18 Contact
e 26668 Israel: I need information about terazzo stones chips & glass. Telephone: +9725229.....  Oct 18 Contact
e 26667 Qatar: I have big order for project, red alcanti 60x60x2 cm 1500 sqm, crema marfil hi commercial 60x60x2 cm 1500 sqm 30x60x2 cm 1500 sqm, black marquina first choice 60x60x2 cm 1500 sqm, light emparadoor first choice 30x60x2 cm 1500 sqm. Please send me the best prices. Telephone: 0097458..... Oct 17 Contact
e 26666: We need P&H Crawler cranes P&H 320, 325, 335, 440, 670, 955, 1015, 1055
Hittachi crawler cranes,kh100, 125,150,180,-1,-2,-3,
Kato tadano 20 ton to 100 ton
Motor grader, cat12g,14g,120,140,g.h
CAT wheel loder,cat950,966,d,e,f, f-2,g, kawasaki wheel loader,60,65,70,80,85,90,95
Roller, ca25d,ca30d,ca251d,
Buldozer, d60p,-6,d31p-18,17,d50p &a,-17,18  d155a-1,-2, d85a-18
Hittachi excavator, ex200-1,-5.  Oct 17 Contact
e 26665 USA: I want to know if you can get me the material below:
Category: Cultured Stone
Name: Limestone
Stone sizes: 30*15, 60X15cm,
Color: gray/black
Natural Flagstone
Size: 2-3cm.3-5cm.5-7cm
Please send me the pallet pricing for the material and I'll let you know how many pallets I will be needing. Oct 15 Contact
e 26664: Please email pricelist of marble and granite. Oct 15 Contact
e 26663 USA: I am looking for Rosa Salmon Dark polished marble tiles to match my countertop installed in 1992. Oct 15 Contact
e 26662 USA: retail: Interested in Marble and Granite tiles and slabs from a retail supplier based in Columbus, Ohio.  Telephone: 1-614-88.....
Oct 15 Contact
e 26661 New Zealand: I would like to know the price for BLACK GALAXY and ABSOLUTE BLACK granite per sqm, my requirement is for the kitchen bench top, measures upto 3 meters in length and 1/2 (half) meter in width and the thickness is 30mm. Oct 15 Contact
e 26660: I want to know the price of shimoga red and some of the white type granite and black also.
Quantity 4000sq ft
colour red and black
red 4000sq ft
black 500 sq ft
my no 9995323398
tell me the price immediately as soon as possible. Please call me immediately 099953.....Oct 15 Contact
e 26659 USA: I am interested in 238 pink granite could you connect me with them. I am looking for five table tops of differing sizes made of dark green onyx. Looking for supplier in southern U S A. Oct 15 Contact
e 26658: Interested in pink granite tiles as per readystock 238. Oct 14 Contact
e 26657 USA: I NEED JASPE TEPECCA IN 12" x 12" TILES. Tel: (813) 45.....Oct 14 Contact
e 26656 USA: Retail: Need Upto 1500 sq. ft of 2cm granite slabs either from Brazil, Madacascar, China. Tel: 858-45.... Oct 14 Contact
e 26654 USA: Interested in used stone splitter. tel: 970-84..... Oct 14 Contact
e 26653 USA: Retail: I'm looking for a hard, non porous (meaning I don't want to seal it) dark grey, to black stone that I can leave honed and have low maintenance (fingerprints, waterstains) for countertop does this stone exist? Oct 14 Contact
e 26652 UAE: I am a QS for a golf course building in UAE. Can you please urgently provide me a rate for black absolute granite? It is for finishes to a water feature at the UAE. See attached. Details: 20mm thick, with a groving effect. Quantity required is about 100m2. Tel +971 4 43.....Oct 13 Contact
e 26651 USA: retail: I need to find pricing on cappucino or caramel stone 200 sq ft of each of these products. I am ready to place an order immediately. Please contact me at 573- 76.....Oct 13 Contact
e 26650 USA: Interested in Simex Marble polishing line + bridge milling machine. Cell: 702-23..... Oct 13 Contact
e 26649: On your web site I saw a picture of a stone property marker, obelisk point top, which is about 1 foot tall with a 4 square base. I need a slightly larger obelisk property marker: about 8 square, and about 3 tall, to set into the ground. What is the price for a lot of 10? tel: 516-92..... Oct 12 Contact
e 26648 Jordan: I would like to know you if you can provide me with all pricelist as an excel sheet supported with pictures so that I can chose the best price and product which i can sell here in my country. I need about 500m2 from granit different sizes and items. Oct 12 Contact
e 26647: I need Quote of 5,000 sq/m of Black Galaxy 2cm shipped to Panama Central America. Oct 11 Contact
e 26646 India: Interested in stone inlay work. Oct 11 Contact
e 26645 India: Interested in stone inlay work. Oct 10 Contact
e 26644 Kosovo: We are interested to contact this supplier that posted " Pricelist 1073 granite slabs Brazil " for ordering some 20' container with granite slabs. Tel: +386496.....Oct 10 Contact
e 26643 USA: I am interested in a 42" square brown fossil table top with bullnose edge. Oct 9 Contact
e 26642 USA: Please send us new pricelist. Oct 9 Contact
e 26641 Germany: I need 70 sqm breccia sarda Marble (80cm x 80cm x2cm) with mopboard. Can you sell to Germany? When yes, what is the price a from Breccia Sarda qm with transport? Telephone: +4940771.....Oct 9 Contact
e 26640: Interested in antique granite cobble stones. See readystock 264. Oct 9 Contact
e 26639: Interested in marble slabs as per pricelist 758. Mobile: 099364......Oct 9 Contact
e 26638 Jordan: We would like you to send us full description of you products with the prices for big quantities. Also we need you to find the rate of shipping to the following ports:
Aqaba port Jordan
Ashdod port Israel
We are a housing & construction co. We have been in housing market for 23 years, we build and finish buildings houses villas. Ready to live in, which means we take the whole constructions from the land preparing to keys give away? We used to buy all what we need from the local market other importers, but after the growing we made in our market (we have the ability to finish 35 to 50 building/ a year with 10 to 18 flat each). So we prepared anew offices and warehouse, stores and marble/ stone cutter.
Mob 0096267962......Oct 8 Contact
e 26637 USA: Please provide me with your price list (including the terms of delivery) for granite slabs. If possible provide me with the photographs of green and violet shades. Oct 7 Contact
e 26636 USA: I am interested in purchasing 900 sf. of of travertine tiles 16" x 16" for my own home. Please let me know if you interested selling, please give me a call at 760-47..... I am located in Carlsbad, CA. Oct 7 Contact
e 26635: Interested in Granite prefab counter tops like in pricelist 784. Oct 5 Contact
e 26634 Vietnam: We are looking for the stone same as attached photo. Could you help us to send this message to any Turkey or Egyptain stone suppliers. We need one full container to import to South Vietnam. Tel: 84 8 221.....Oct 5 Contact
e 26633: Main product we are looking for is a supply of 15000 window sills in Estremoz 20mm. Tel 046-3..... Oct 3 Contact
e 26632 South Africa: I am a granite supplier in South Africa. Please send me best prices of Chinese granite slabs 3cm polished one side. Telephone: 021 55..... Oct 3 Contact
e 26631 Kosovo: Please quote for the following:
Item Size Quantity() Unit Price
more detail Process Note
G603 230*70*2cm 100     Top polished, 4edges cut  
G603 610*305*10mm 200    
G664 230*70*2cm 100    
G664 610*305*10mm 200    
TIGER SCEEN WHITE 230*70*2cm 100    
TIGER SCEEN WHITE 610*305*10mm 200    
G681 230*70*2cm 100    
G681 610*305*10mm 200    
Exporting-standard Packing
3.Payment terms: T/T payment.30%  payment upon placing order, 70% payment before shipment time:            
After received the 30% deposits in 15~20 days            

Oct 2 Contact

e 26630 France: I am self-employed, stone carver. I would like to know where I can get some blocs of "Hard" limestone and Marble!
Telephone: 0077706.....Oct 2 Contact
e 26629 USA: We are local broker and we purchase merchandise on our customer behalf. We need good payment terms for collection purposes. Basically we put many small buyer orders into one container and than order the container, it takes lots of time and effort to unload and ship the goods to our customers. Please keep all this in mind when quoting the prices of granite slabs thickness of 3/4 & 1 1/4". Oct 2 Contact
e 26628 Australia: Do you know a green granite product called Emerald Ice. We are told it comes from South America. Telephone: 61 88 36..... Oct 2 Contact
e 26627 USA: Interested in Cobblestones. Phone: (319) 35.....Oct 2 Contact
e 26626 USA: retail: Im home owner and interested in buying approx 900 sq. feet of Beaumaniere honed limestone. I am in Orange county in So California. I would like to know where I can find it and the price as well. Oct 1 Contact
e 26625 USA: I am interested in the rock crushing machines new foreclosed for sale please provide details. Ph. 561-26......Oct 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.