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73 inquiries May, 100 inquiries in April

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 26255 Australia: Looking at purchasing approx 190 m2 of marble. Would like a white finish with a vein probably leaning towards a black/grey. Thinking a tile would work out cheaper but would like to keep it about 600mm x 600mm. May 31 Contact
e 26254: Please kindly submit your updated price lists for the different types of the marble and granite tiles for the thickness 1cm and 2cm and size 30x30cm and 60x60 cm. Mobile phone : 016 22.....May 31 Contact
e 26253 India: Require circular saw blanks. Telephone: 08472-2..... .May 31 Contact
e 26252 USA: Retail: Need Butterfly Beige 82 - 90 Sq. Ft. granite for kitchen countertop. Will buy from NY or CT areas. Final stage of buying process. Ready to buy ASAP!!! Tel: 914 32.....May 30 Contact
e 26251 Kenya: We are interested in importing Ceramic & PVC floor tiles for sale. We are a local company currently manufacturing PVC floor tiles but our plant capacity is low and cannot meet market demand.
1. Are you currently supplying the East African market (Kenya)?
2. Do you have a local agent in Kenya?
3. Do you also supply PVC tiles? If not do you have contacts for PVC tile suppliers?
4. How can i get a product catalogue?
Tel. +254 20 6..... May 26 Contact
e 26250 USA:: I am looking for Salome marble in 12 " x 12" squares. Can you help me locate some in the Orange County or Los Angeles, California area? May 26 Contact
e 26249 USA: I would like to know the approximate square feet per container & can you ship the ashlar pattern in the noche? phone 636.39.....May 26 Contact
e 26248 India: We are leading special class contractors in Andhra Pradesh. We need morwad green marble in bulk order (approx 1400 square yards) can u send me the quotation for the same including transportation. Tel: 96183.....May 26 Contact
e 26247 Ireland: I am looking for quotes for 600 metres sq of grey granite cobbles 20 x 10 x 10. Telephone: 08798.....May 23 Contact
e 26246 Germany: We are looking for one container 3 cm and 2 cm Black Galaxy random slabs. Please quote us your best price. Telephone: 089 381.....May 23 Contact
e 26245 Palestine: Interested in Multi Disk cross cutting Machine. Mobile: 00970.599....... May 23 Contact
e 26244 USA: Current requirement is 3 Container mix blocks of Onyx for India. Colours: Red, White, Yellow and Green. We are also looking for pure White Thasos Blocks around 15 Containers. Tel: (732)-20......May 23 Contact
e 26243: We are looking for used chain saw, wire saw for marble quarry. Tel:088-2.....May 22 Contact
e 26242 UK: I am looking to buy 31 grey limestone shower trays 1100 by 900 by 30mm thick. I can let the supplier have a design. I also need matching tiles. May 21 Contact
e 26241 Canada: Retail: Please provide the quotation of black galaxy, 1.25 thick, dimension 109x22, 60x51. Totally 2 pieces asap. Telephone: 613-22.....May 21 Contact
e 26240: We are interested to buy Absolute black granite 30.50x30.50x2cm 500 sqm therefore kindly let us give your best offer. May 21 Contact
e 26239: Please quote for cobblestones as displayed in ready stock 293. May 20 Contact
e 26238: I would like to ask about the medium travertine slabs. I figured the slabs are about 5' x 7' is that correct? For the 2cm unfilled and honed it says 2.50 is that $2.50 a sqft? May 20 Contact
e 26237 India: We are in urgent need for Saubi Bianco Granite sizes 60X180 X 2 Cm 30 X 60X 2Cm. While surfing we came across your company details and products, which may serve our requirements. Kindly quote your best prices and photographs for the same. Ph. 0091 731 6......May 20 Contact
e 26236 Qatar: We need your price list 2009 and catalogs for antique marble & tumbled as soon as possible. Tel: +974 46.....May 20 Contact
e 26235 Poland: I am about to finalize an investment, therefore I need prices for the following items:
Kashmir White
1. 299 x 600 x 18 (mm) - 12080 m2
2. 600 x 600 x 18 (mm) - 2350 m2
3. 150 x 600 x 18 (mm) - 1210 m2
4. 400 x 400 x 18 (mm) - 2360 m2
5. 150 x 1150 x 18 (mm) - 100 m2
6. 600 x 1200 x 18 (mm) - 900 m2
total: 19000 m2
I WILL GIVE YOU THE PRICE FOB Indian port and the delivery time.
The material needs to be honed 600 in 1.8cm thickness.
Delivery of first quality material is crucial. As the price for the material has been approved, I will need you to send 10pcs. of sample tiles 30x30cm showing the variation of colour and shade o the material for this specific project. The samples need to be representative for the delivery. The actual order will consist of 12% more than the quantities listed above. Telephone: +488953.....May 20 Contact
e 26234 USA: retail: I am building a house in Southamption, MA and am looking for Juperano Frantastico granite. May 19 Contact
e 26233 USA: Interested in connecticut field stone for $150 per pallete.... could you have someone call me at (917)44......May 19 Contact
e 26232 India: retail: Please let me know if Kota tile 2'x2' is a good choice for flooring for an independent house in Mumbai The total area is about 3100 sq ft....we have chosen this bearing in mind cost but is it a good choice aesthetically.....or could you suggest a better alternative keeping both those points in view. May 19 Contact
e 26231 Yemen: We are a trading and marketing company. We are seeking to buy Portugal Rosa Marble We buy slabs, steps, and tiles. Kindly please send us your full details, like contact information to enable us to contact you for more details regarding the stone requirement. Telephone: 00967-777.....May 19 Contact
e 26230 Ireland: I am looking for quotes for 600 metres sq of grey granite cobbles 20x10x10. Telephone: 08798.....May 18 Contact
e 26229 USA: I need to find a slab of Onyx. I took this picture while ago, but this company doesnt have it anymore and I know its very uncommon among our vendors. P: 305.36.....May 18 Contact
e 26228 Ireland: I am a stone mason. Could you send me details of all your building stone? I have a stone cutting business. I have just started and would be interested in slabs of stone so i can cut sills heads quiones. Telephone: 077033..... May 17 Contact
e 26227 Denmark: What is the price for Denizli Travertine Classic Light Filled / Honed 61 cm x 61 cm x1,5 cm 120 m2 with shipping to a Danish port? May 17 Contact
e 26226 Malaysia: Please quote 600 x 600 x 20mm thk polished Oman Royal Beige marbles. Qty 5000m2. Telephone: +6-01235..... May 16 Contact
e 26225 UAE: We want to know price for granite you have. Maybe you can send to us the price list for granite. And you have granite the size 150x150 and thickness 3 up to 10? Mobile : +971-50-12.....May 16 Contact
e 26224 Armenia: Connecting with many orders we have now, we feel in need of a supplier company from Turkey, Iran, India, Egypt or United Arab Emirates, which could deliver us ASAP big quantities of stones, especially:
And we are intended making a large order, in case this company can offer us the premises stones. Tel: +374 10 4.....May 16 Contact
e 26223 UAE: We have a requirement for 8000 m2 of granite pavement cubes. Size of cubes required is 10x10x5 cm with top side machine cut. In addition to that, we require around 1000 m2 of black basalt with same size as above. Tel + 971 2 64.....May 16 Contact
e 26222 Australia: I am interested in a 20 container load of pumice stone to be used for landscaping. Shipments to Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast. What is the largest size boulders you have, do you only sell 60mm? I would like the stone around 100mm to 140 mm. May 16 Contact
e 26221: I am ready to buy a superior quality 10 slabs of Ubatuba Green. 3cm slabs. I have a container that is leaving RIO on or about June 5th. I would like the best price quote possible. FOB RIO. There is a possibility to increase to 20 slabs if the pricing is right. Final stage for buying. Need best quotes and availability. May 16 Contact
e 26220: I ask about belgium black 2cm and 3cm slabs 200m2 each we well cut these slabs here at dubai. Better if size is gang saw slabs. May 15 Contact 
e 26219: Well I want the 200 sq.ft. marble, black colour and I will like you to email me with the price on this excluding shipping cost. More over I want to know whether you accept credit card as method of payment so that we can proceed with this order. May 15 Contact 
e 26218 Singapore: Please quote best price for Desert Beige polished marble, 60 x 60 x 2cm. quantity 1000m2. May 15 Contact 
e 26217 USA: I am interested in the 12 x 12 flagstone tiles as displayed in ready stock 33. Do you have a picture? Tel: 888-22.....May 14 Contact 
e 26216 Italy: We are interested to import in Italy the marble "yellow " and we want to know if you have the availability of the same. You can give the information (price, size of the slabs, delivery and shipping cost). May 13 Contact 
e 26215 USA: I am looking for approximately 200 lineal feet of used granite block, 2 to 3 feet wide in NH. Other widths might work but could affect lineal footage. Direct Line: 603 65.....May 13 Contact 
e 26214 USA: Retail: I am looking for 15 tiles of emperador lite marble 12" x 12" tile. I purchased my existing tile at home depot and am trying to match it so that I can tear out a wall and tile were the wall is. If you have a match to this please email me with the info, price, and picture. May 13 Contact 
e 26213: Please quote for 50 sq ft of Blue eyes/ Ice. May 13 Contact 
e 26212: I am writing to you regarding an order of some countertops. Below is the type and dimensions on the counter top i do need a quote on.
Finish: polished
Thickness :3cm
Absolute Black Island 34 X 74 with 3/4" Half Bullnose
Absolute Black Island 40 X 80 with 3/4" Half Bullnose
And also if you do not have any of the above listed counter tops , kindly let me know the prices and dimensions on the type you do have which is similar to the mentioned types and also get back to me with the prices on them including TAX only and also let me know the type of credit cards you do accept as payment so we can proceed. May 13 Contact
e 26211: Please quote for 200 sqm belgium black marble slabs. May 13 Contact
e 26210 Jordan: Would you please send me a very competitive price list of Granite tiles (thick 20 mm), FOB for 20 and 40 ft container each Month. May 13 Contact
e 26209 UK: I need 500sqm of a white based marble tile. He has been offered an Italian marble called Crema Perfetta at a price of Rs. 255 (INR) per sq ft. Can you recommend any other marble/seller/price and technical aspects like thickness, porosity and other relevant issues. May 12 Contact
e 26208 India: We are in urgent need for Saubi Bianco Granite.
We need the product size for Saubi Bianco Granite are as follows:
1. 60 x 16=2cm
2. 30 x 60=2cm
Ph. 0091 731 64.....May 12 Contact
e 26207 Australia: I would like to import granite slabs to Australia from South Africa. Could you provide a price list for 50mm slabs as per nominal shipping dimensions? Phone: 08 945.....May 12 Contact
e 26206 USA: Need enough natural stone to cover 1500 sq. ft. of residential driveway, set in sand. Want a cobblestone look which will compliment the tan brick house--anything brown or dark and neutral will suffice. Shade doesn't matter. Should be about 4 inches deep. Width and length are flexible, but keep in mind that stones will be laid in rows or fan pattern. Natural or tumbled surface. Phone: 317.43.....Jobsite located in Indianapolis, IN. US/Canada considered, but shorter shipping distances preferred. Will pay for postage cost of samples. May 12 Contact
e 26205 USA: We are looking for 3cm Ming Green Marble. Any available? If so provide number of slabs and sizes of slabs. Tel: (843) 72..... May 12 Contact
e 26204 USA: Retail:  Can I purchase a box of Biancone 12 x 12 tumbled marble? May 12 Contact
e 26203 USA: Retail: I am looking for a load of driveway rock and flagstone for delivery in Lone Pine, CA. May 11 Contact
e 26202 China: We need Indian maple red rough granite blocks regulate per month min 100cbm.  May 11 Contact
e 26201:I am interested in large purchases of your tiles for retail in Africa. Do send me samples and catalogue online to review your products and prices. May 10 Contact
e 26200 USA: Need slate slabs.  Telephone: 716-89..... May 8 Contact
e 26199 Australia: I am interested in your royal bottino 600 x 600. Qty. 165 sqm marble and granite cream coloring to import. May 7 Contact
e 26198 India: We are one of the producer of sandstone in Rajasthan region of India. We want to expand our business in the field of export so we need a stone cutting plant.I request from you to send us a list and e-catalogs of your products. May 6 Contact
e 26197 USA: I am looking for a piece of your finest marble 10' x 5'. It is to be ivory with veins of gold and peach running through it. Cost is no object. May 6 Contact
e 26196: We are looking for cat 14g model:2001 and up. please send your offer with all details (photo, tech. etc). May 5 Contact
e 26195 : I need Onyx Green & Brown slab size is 270cm X 160 cm. I need to finalize it before 10th of May 2009. Tel: +92-33322.....May 5 Contact
e 26194 USA: We are looking for 250 sq/ft of Kashmere Gold and 32 Oyster Onyx 12x12 to finish a job. Can you tell us where to get it at the best price and who I should contact. May 5 Contact
e 26193 USA: I am in USA, Dallas/Fort worth, Texas. Have 1 acre warehouse at corner lot of highway, busy traffic, good location to distribute monuments, granite, to all customers. Im near to new area of current developing the houses and shopping center. Would you please give as much detail as good of the prices and minimum quantity of it. Please send sample is possible. I also the builder willing to introduce these products to other builders or retailer also wholesaler as well. Tel: 469-56......May 5 Contact
e 26192 UAE: We have a large project to building and looking for Perlato Sicilia,but must form ITALY :the Tile is 2400m2 ,the size is 60*60*2cm or 30*60*2cm and the Step 5600LM ,the size is 110*33*3cm or 110*11.8*2cm .Please give us the CIF or FOB DUBAI price and give us best price. Tel :+971 4-42.....May 4 Contact
e 26191 Brazil: Please inform prices for sink bowls made of marble. Tel: Tel.: (71) 888..... May 4 Contact
e 26190 India: Pls note our requirement all 20mm, gangsaw cut prices for slabs:
Chida White: prices for Polished and flamed
Galaxy White : Prices for Polished and Flamed
Tan Brown: Prices for Polished and Flamed
Ivory Fantasy: prices for Polished only
Red Multi : Prices for polished only
Total mixed qty of 40000Sq.ft, call or email delivery Noida, local supply. May 4 Contact
e 26189 Netherlands: I am looking for pebbles 8-16mm, 16-25mm, 25-40mm and 30-60mm. Colours black and grey. I cannot tell you the exact quantity they will need on a yearly basis, but for sure it will be full container loads of 1 size and 1 colour only. Mobile +31 6524.....May 4 Contact
e 26188 USA: I am looking to purchase the following: 80 Granite tops total: 40 - Absolute Black & 40 - Golden Beach. The sizes vary, but are between 67 inch and 72 inch. I will confirm exact details if you have the product and we agree on a price.
26 and 3/8th inches deep (22 and plus enough material to cut out a 4 inch backsplash)
2cm thick
Cut out bowl
Ogee edge around bowl and front edge
side spash
Tel: 917-88.....
I need to place this order as soon as possible. If you have interest I would want to get samples quickly and then visit your warehouse and finalize. May 3 Contact
e 26187 USA: I am looking for two matching soapstone slab remants for some small counters. Each would be 39" by 12 to 14". Do you have one long or two short remnants of similar width which I could cut to fit?  May 3 Contact
e 26186 Australia: I am after ammonite pavers for outdoor, 600x600. where in Perth, AUS. Can I find them and what is the price for probably 4 of them. Telephone: +61 404 3.....  May 3 Contact
e 26185 Bangladesh: We are a trading company in Bangladesh. Our client wants pumice stone from Turkey. Please let me know details showing the cfr Chittagong port price. Tel: 880-2-73.....May 3 Contact
e 26184: We are urgently looking for marble supplier to south African market. Can you be kind enough to contact with the type of marble i.e. colour, texture and price list for your marbles. May 1 Contact
e 26183: we are looking for 4-6 slabs of Amadora Marble slab honed also known as Gris Pulpis to be available in Melbourne A1 quality. May 1 Contact
e 26182 USA: I am looking for a black granite block about 2feet tall x 3 feet round or we can make it round our self. I need it pretty quick and it needs to be a solid black ( black absolute, etc.). Tel: (904) 24.....May 1 Contact

Inquiries sorted by countries, product categories and previous months are displayed at  

We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.