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100 inquiries in February

The coding is: Country of Material, Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 26001: I am looking to purchase massive amounts of travertine as a wholesale company. I am located in Tacoma, WA USA. We are looking to purchase orders ranging from 5000 to 25,000 sq. ft per order. Obviously we would be wanting 12x12, 16x24, 18x18, 24x24 in ft. Please let me know the absolute best prices for different travertine based on quantity. Also, I would like to know how long it would take to receive the tile once it is ordered. Tel: 253-68.....March 7 Contact
e 26000  Czech Republik: We are looking for supplier of Indian monuments, Shiwakashi Yellow in slabs polish 2 and 3cm thick. Telephone: 004206038..... March 7 Contact
e 25999: Looking for a large flat white or black stone with a 10 foot sub base a base and a large stone i know its not much detail but i am pretty open just looking for an idea i need asap. March 7 Contact
e 25996 USA: I maintain a mall which has Roverstone faux terrazzo floors. Unfortunately, Roverstone discontinued our color Sahara Sand a couple of years ago and we have not been able to find a good match. Do you have any companies to recommend which make small to medium aggregate size engineered terrazzo tiles in 30cmx30cm x 13mm. I am attaching a picture of the Sahara sand we want on the left and the Golden beige on the right. Phone: 518-56.....March 6 Contact
e 25995 UK: We’re looking for emperador light and our supplier told us he can only get blocks 2200mm long. We need him to use a block of 3000mm. How large are the blocks when they come out of the quarry? Tel +44 (0)20 763.....March 6 Contact
e 25994 USA: I am looking for the average price on a granite counter top piece, Wholesale/Retail, 8X4 slab with .5 inch width, no special cuts or designs or pre-works, just the plain simple piece of granite itself. March 6 Contact
e 25993 USA: I am looking for Green Fantasy Slab. Telephone: 818-25..... March 6 Contact
e 25992 USA: I am Inquiring about getting containers of material (Granite) delivered to the USA, and what the prices would be for these services. please respond to me as soon as possible so that we can arrange something. Telephone: 727-84..... March 6 Contact
e 25991: Looking for Teakwood quartzite or Golden Teak Quartzite in southern California…..any help? Tel: 310-37.....March 5 Contact
e 25990 UK: We are searching for a white limestone that is quarried within 500 miles of Doha, Qatar. We will need 23,000.00 sq metres for a large project in Doha. Quarries, procurement time, samples, etc. Telephone: 0044 207 48...... March 5 Contact
e 25989: I am inquiring if I could order excavators and I will like to know the types you have now instock. How soon can you get them ready for me? I will be picking it up from your location and I will be very glad if you get back to me with the Price per unit and the type of Credit Card you do accept. I will be waiting for your email with the price and the type of Credit Card you do accept and I will email you with the quantity I need. March 5 Contact
e 25988 Russia: We are one of the largest suppliers of stone for building companies and persons at the Far East of Russia. Now we need your help. We have a client, who wants to make his house by stone (or brick), the same as at the picture. Will you please tell us the name of this material and price for one sqm? March 5 Contact
e 25987: Looking for a slab of blue bahia granite. Could you quote me a price? March 5 Contact
e 25986 USA: Would like Quati Blue tile? How much is the 12" x 12" tile and do you send out samples? March 5 Contact
e 25985 USA: Looking for granite slabs in Houston. Tel: 1-800-93.....March 5 Contact
e 25984 Poland: We are a wholesaler in stone business in Poland. We specialize in Indian and Chinese granites. Now we have a specific needs for African stone. We would like to start cooperation with one reliable company form South Africa. We are interested in first choice material:
African Impala (dark and super medium)– one side polished, 3, 5, 6 cm thick, 120x240cm and up slabs,
Nero Zimbabwe – one side polished, 2 and 3 cm thick, 120x240cm and up slabs
Please send me your best prices for above mentioned materials. I would like you to present the US dollar prices, based on FOB your preferable sea port. Please also send me the information about an availability of the stones and time of delivery, because time is very very important for us. March 5 Contact
e 25983 USA: Looking for a stone called White Veniziano. Tel: # 305-88.....March 4 Contact
e 25982 UK: I am working on a project in Abu Dhabi and looking for high end stone (granite, marble and limestone) products which are quarried and manufactured locally. We're interested in Iranian Granit/marble but was wondering whether the final finish is also made in Iran or in say for example Italy. Tel.: +44 (0)20 775.....March 4 Contact
e 25981 USA: I am trying to purchase White Thassos Select in 24” x 24” x ¾” ( 60cm x 60cm x 2cm ) I’m in Miami Florida and would like to find it locally if possible. I am willing to travel in US to purchase and arrange shipping. I need the material right away and I need between 100 to 300 pcs approx 400 to 1200 sq. ft. The Thassos must have no marks and very little if any veining and lot should be consistent in shading.
Tel: 305-26.....March 4 Contact
e 25980 CROATIA: Could you send me pictures of granite blocks from South Africa which you have and also when you cut it and polish I need to have picture how does it look like.
What are dimensions of block?
What is grade or which class is it?
Does it have crack lines in it ?
Does it have some irregularity with color mistake or something?
mobile phone: +385 91 63.....March 3 Contact
e 25979: I am looking for the following:
Provenza Ferro & Fuoco – Sinopia

9 138.8 8X8
9 138.8 8X16
34 555.0 16X16
26 416.3 16X24

Advise me how I can best locate this tile. March 3 Contact
e 25978: do sell tile of the size 8x8-light brown and if you do sell, I will like you to reply me back with the price per square feet so that I can proceed with the order. March 2 Contact
e 25977 India: I am going to Jaipur & Kishangarh for procurement of marble. Looking for some dealers who can give stones at most competitive rates with a good quality. I am leaving by day after tomorrow. March 2 Contact
e 25976 UAE: We require blocks with available size, photograph & price per Cu Mtr (FOB) of Tea Rose Marble Blocks (C Type) Manila Philippines.
Required Qty 300 Cu Mtr. We will be visit (Xiamen) China 6th March to 12th march 2009. So after i am planning travel to manila for 2 weeks. I want visit Philippines can you send me invitation letter for Business visit visa. Mobile no.: 00 91 9979.....March 1 Contact
e 25975 Swizerland: We like to make a Bath floor in Azul Cielo in Swizerland. The Size is 40/40/2 and we need 15m2. How can i get This Material? March 1 Contact
e 25974:  I am looking for Bridge saw and single or multi head polish edge machines, could you please send me photos and videos about those machines. Also do you have second-hand bridge saw and waterjet machines. March 1 Contact
e 25973 Oman: Please advise me where I can get to buy Quarry tiles, unglazed which has water absorbency less than 3%. GSM: 00968-993.....February 28 Contact
e 25972: I am interested in purchasing taichoseki, bakuhan and magnetite. Are you selling or purchasing? February 28 Contact
e 25971 Canada: We are looking for Verde Candias raw blocks (±3). Can you help us? February 27 Contact
e 25970 USA: We are looking for 3500 sq ft of Blue Lagos, 30 x 30 at the smallest, 48 x 48 largest. Can you supply us, we need this asap.  Telephone: 239.44..... February 26 Contact
e 25969 UK: I am searching for a piece of italian cipollino marble. It needs to weigh around 1600kg, shape is unimportant. Could you give me a price quote as soon as possible so that i know what i am looking at. Tel: 078766..... February 26 Contact
e 25968 Jordan: I'd like to order (1000 m2) of the granite (Rosa Porrino). Please send the price of granite (Rosa Porrino) From this size.
1- (180 X 280 X 3cm and 2cm)
2- (30 X 60 ,60X60 X 2cm ,1.5) Mobile: 00962-79-65......February 26 Contact
e 25967: I need two slabs of yellow river granite. February 26 Contact
e 25966 USA: I am interesting to buy diamond powder 60/70, 70/80 and 80/100. I am planning to experiment with electroplating and sintering diamond powder for cutting tools for marble and granite. Please send mi more information for this product. tel:(405) 82.....February 26 Contact
e 25965 USA: Need to locate Omani Desert Rose tile polished 500sf/ pricing, along with a sample for approval. Showroom: 609-65.....February 25 Contact
e 25964: Is there any chance to send some samples of your stones to AUSTRIA? Before I order a bigger size I would like to see this material also in natural. So please let me know asap if I can send you a list with the names of the stones which Im interested in. Of course I will carry the transportation fee!!!  February 25 Contact
e 25963 USA: I am looking to buy tumbled travartine ceramic beige minimum 300 sq. ft. how do I proceed? Thank you. Also, looking to pickup from somewhere in NY/Long Island preferably. Does not need to be shipped. Telephone: 516-74..... February 25 Contact
e 25962 UAE: We’re looking for a used wheel loader with minimum 2 cubic meter of bucket size. Kindly send the details of your ready stock WA-420 or any other model you think it could meet our requirement with your best price. Tel: +971 4 36.....February 25 Contact
e 25961 USA: looking for marble bought in 1995 known as ciento. February 24 Contact
e 25960 India: I need Travertine tile to cover 6000 square feet (size 24” X 24”) and this delivered to Mangalore. Please give me the quotation per square foot and attach the sample photo of Travertino Navona.  Telephone: 93429.....February 24 Contact
e 25959: I am looking to buy Tan Brown slabs 2cm (2) how would I go about getting these? February 24 Contact
e 25958: I am looking for Juparana Fantastico in 2cm, hoping to find some from a bone yard, don't need a full slab. I could do rips that need to yield 6" (depends on length, to determine how many rips), OR pieces at options: 20" X 123" or more, OR 25" X 100" or more. If someone has any of this material, I would like to talk to them. I am willing to do almost any combination, as long as I can get enough for this custom project. I know I could buy a slab, but if I can find this material at a lower price, and not have most of a slab leftover, my customer would greatly appreciate it. Phone # 206 94.....February 24 Contact
e 25957 Turkey: Want all your stone price send my mail please. Telephone: 009053277.....February 23 Contact
e 25956: Need 3 large slabs (102 sq. feet), mid to low price, Ivory Fantasy or a cream colored stone, looking to find something that resembles limestone. Need ASAP, shipping to Caribbean, kitchen ready to go, templates completed. No granite instock here. Located in Caribbean. Tel: 340 42......February 23 Contact
e 25955: We have a project to supply marmoglass, limestone and silestone to many distributors in Brazil. I found your company website and decided to contact you to check if you can attend this demand. For limestone, we are looking forward importing the beige and the dark gray tiles and slabs. Would you send me a shortlist of products and prices? That would be useful to offer our clients and develop this project of continuous supplying. Phone: China - 86 135017....../ 862164......Dubai: 971 55 9.....February 23 Contact
e 25954 Ghana: I need the latest price list of black granite stone blocks in India. Telephone: 00233 243 4..... February 23 Contact
e 25953: We are looking for suppliers of large yellow granite boulders 500mm diameter up to 1500mm diameter. Are you able to supply to Danang. If so can you please advise cost for supply and delivery to Danang per truck load. Tel: +65 967.....February 23 Contact 
e 25952 Morocco: Please send price list for gallala and selvia slabs 2cm. Telephone: 00212226..... February 23 Contact 
e 25951: We are new in granite business, purchasing slabs locally from wholesellers. We like to import high end Brazilian slabs about 2 containers a month for the time being that is likely to increase in the near future. Please send me a pricelist, and how can we cooperate regarding this matter. February 22 Contact 
e 25950 USA: Please contact regarding fabrication of round onyx cylinders, for lighting (for lensing of lighting). Tel: 303-87..... February 21 Contact 
e 25949 USA: We are interested in tools for marble & tile cutting. Saw machines also. February 21 Contact 
e 25948 Norway: I would like to come in contact with a stone company in Guangdong province, China that has Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl, Silver Pearl Granite. February 20 Contact 
e 25947 India: Please mail me the FOB Rate for the following colours:
1. Taj White
2. Green Sky Marbles
3. Ambaji White
4. Peachriver.
Telephone: 97894.....February 20 Contact 
e 25946 Poland: We are Polish company manufacturing from granite. We are interested to buy granite blocks. Please send us contact to companies in South Africa which can sell us Rustenburg/Impala blocks in sizes. We need blocks of first choice (1 class) or blocks second choice with information about defects. We want to buy test quantity first about 50-80 m3 (cubic meters). We want to do first order for one month.  TEL/FAX: 0048 91 56.....February 20 Contact 
e 25945: Would like to replace existing formica kitchen countertops with Verde Fire granite from Australia. Roughly two full slabs required. Sketch of project is available. Project is in Hornbrook, California, just south of the Oregon border. Need a good installer, too. Timing very flexible. Phone 707-52.....February 20 Contact 
e 25944 Ukraine: We have a relatively large private house project in southern Ukraine. For this project we like to purchase some 35 m2 of granite stone to be used for kitchen benches etc with at least 4 cm thickness. We like the stone to be granite and ONLY Ukrainian granite. Preferably we like to color to of brown OR green color tone. If the supplier can only supply material we have opportunity to process the stone to the actual benches ourselves. Mobile: +380 50 44.....February 19 Contact 
e 25943 Italy: I am interested to buy a materials called New Imperial Red (slabs 2CM and 3CM, and Blocks). Please let me know how many materials you have ready in your stock and please confirm me the price for the slabs and the blocks FOB. (Wich port). Phone: +39 585 7.....February 19 Contact 
e 25942 Pakistan: Kindly send me details of marble polishing machines. Cell no.: 0092308 29.....February 19 Contact 
e 25941: I want to know whether you carry (Yarding Blocks) in stock for sale. If you do so kindly email me with the sizes and the price ranges on that so that i will know the quantity to offer and also i want to know if you accept credit card as form of payment. February 19 Contact 
e 25939: I am looking to construct a seawall abutment out of block apx 130 ft long.....X 3 feet high.....Please advise as to your stone and possibilities...Tel: 321-95.....February 18 Contact 
e 25938: I am looking for 5cm Travertine Slabs in Classico or light noce. I need about 150 sq. ft. and I am ready to buy now. I need it in the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area USA. My number is (609) 67......February 18 Contact 
e 25937 Sri Lanka: Could you please send me the prices to ship pumice aggregate to Sri Lanka. We are in a urgency of aggregates. 
Tel : +94-11-73.....February 18 Contact 
e 25936: Do you have pave bricks or stones. I need them on size 16" x 8" x 2" on either Brickface or Smooth, please kindly get back to me with the price on each without shipping? and also the method of payment you accept. February 18 Contact 
e 25935 USA: I am looking for some granite in the following dimensions:
Three island slabs with 1/2 bullnose in 3cm.
1 island 40x80 absolute black
1 island 34x74 black galaxy
1 island 34x74 absolute black
Can you provide me with a price including shipping to Reno, NV. Tel: 775 – 62.....February 18 Contact 
e 25934: Could you please send me a price for your diamond cutting blades sizes 4in. 9in .12in. also asphalt blades, and wood cutting blades in all sizes. February 17 Contact 
e 25933 Egypt: We are a company for marble and granite. We need all the available information about the suppliers companies all over the world for the following stone types:
1 - samoa white.
2 - samba white.
3 - stoney creek.
4 - cordova cream.
5 - olympia granite.

Please contact us as fast as possible.

phone:+2 01064.....February 17 Contact 
e 25932: please quote your best price for the following:
Size: 600mm up x 1800mm up x 20mm thk

Baltic Brown
Black galaxy
Black Absoluto
Cat eye
Emerald Pearl
Blue Pearl
Green Galaxy
Kashimir gold
Lavender Blue
Multi Colour
Mongolian Black
Tropical Green
Verde Ubatuba
Russian Diamond / Volcar Blue
# 635 polish
# 635 flamed
# 603 polish
# 603 flamed
Fei Wang
Du Juan Hong
China Portoro Gold

Size: 1200mm up x 2400mm up x 20mm thk

Baltic Brown
Black galaxy
Black Absoluto
Emerald Pearl
Blue Pearl
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Topex
Giallo Veneziallo
Kashimir gold
Lavender Blue
Multi Colour
Sapphire Brown
Tan Brown
Tropical Green
Russian Diamond / Volcar Blue
Oman Beige Marble
Dark Emperador
Perlato Beige
Rosso Levanto
Royal Botticino
Staturia Venato
Yellow Armalino
February 17 Contact 
e 25931: I would like to get more information about the Crema marfil Blocks that you have, you can reach me @ 813-81.....February 16 Contact 
e 25930 Russia: We are interested to used buy:
Level of automation should be FULL OR SEMIAUTOMATIC
Phone +7 (701) 72.....February 16 Contact 
e 25929: Would like to get the FOB quotations for White Marble Block. February 15 Contact 
e 25928 USA: Looking for brazilian gold or gold oak 2cm full bull nose laminated 2500 sq/ft. Telephone: 56125.....February 15 Contact 
e 25927 Canada: I am looking to purchase 3000 - 5000 ft2 of square flagstone slabs - charcole grey color. Toronto area. February 15 Contact 
e 25926: Can you send me the price list of waterjet cutters? If possible, CIF Dammam, KSA will be good. February 15 Contact 
e 25925 USA:  Need slabs of uncut stone from the usa only. Telephone: 585 73.....  February 14 Contact 
e 25924  Israel: Looking for a producer of Tarani Avorio In Italy to order 300 msq of tails 60x60x2 or 40x40x2 cm. Telephone: +9725443.....  February 14 Contact 
e 25923 India: We are in search of charnockite blocks from Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, in dimensions Length 15 feet x Width 11 Feet x Height 6 feet. Kindly provide us the list of good mine owners/suppliers for the same. Telephone: 0522-64.....February 14 Contact 
e 25922 Albania: We are located in Tirana. We are interested to buy about 40000 m2 of granite slabs [all kinds ]. Please send us your best offer, for all granite slabs you have. February 14 Contact 
e 25921: I was wondering where I might find India- Camel Cream Granite in the SF Bay Area. I need some for my granite counters in my kitchen. I am ready to purchase now. Tel: 415 21.....February 14 Contact 
e 25920 Zambia: Please quote me on the following:
PE=250 x 400
15KW / 550V
Q = 10 - 25 TON / HOUR
Tel : 00260 212 2.......February 13 Contact 
e 25919: We are a Sri Lankan company looking for a Terrazzo Tile manufacturing Machine. Please send details and the pictures. TELEPHONE - 00941127.....February 13 Contact 
e 25918: I would like to know some specifications on Bianco Botticcino marble. As I would like to buy some for the window sills. If it is strong enough , porosity, etc. February 13 Contact 
e 25917: We are looking for a cable saw capable of cutting a round pipe of about 104-inches in diameter. Do you know of such a large saw or a supplier than could fabricate one this large? Preferable someone in the US to save time and shipping costs. February 12 Contact 
e 25916: Looking for a JS Ramon High Honed Dark qty. 9006 stone in 1 ¼ thick 3cm. Can you help? I need a sample asap. Tel: 336 38.....February 12 Contact 
e 25915: Where we would like a offer of the complete marble mining machinery line, what is the price. February 12 Contact 
e 25914: Kindly advice Red Granite chips rate. Size: 5-8mm. February 12 Contact 
e 25913: I am interested price of 5 used italian gang saw. Send more pictures.  February 12 Contact 
e 25912 USA: Please quote for CONNECTICUT FIELD STONE as displayed in Ready Stock 480. Cell: 617-59.....February 12 Contact 
e 25911 USA: We are trying to match this marble, photo attached. We need a 3’ x 5’ piece but will buy the slab if necessary. I believe it is called “Pietro Grigio”. Please let me know if you can source or have anything available. Ph: 401.33.....February 11 Contact 
e 25910 USA: Need 5,000 square feet Light color, chiseled edge, filled and honed travertine, large scale versaille pattern, interior and exterior flooring. Ready to purchase now (this week), and repeating orders in the future. We need to see sample, and get size list, price- including shipping. Phone number: (512) 82.....February 11 Contact 
e 25909: Could we have a sample of your beaumaniere stone 2”? We are Building a new 5 star hotel of 110 rooms. February 11 Contact 
e 25908:  Need 76X36 Peninsula Island. Color: Baltic Creme. Immediately, ready to pay by debit card . Local company which carried line closed due to owners death. We use this line exclusively. Tel: 225-92.....February 11 Contact 
e 25907: Interested in granite slabs as displayed in Ready Stock 529. February 11 Contact 
e 25906: I am trying to find a supplier/dealer who might have blue sky granite….not sky blue. I live in the Mid-Atlantic region. So far the only info I can find is an exporter from China. Any ideas?  February 11 Contact 
e 25905: I would like to contact suppliers for Italian sandstone. February 10 Contact 
e 25904: We are interested in black silicon carbide material. Please provide your spec & volume to export to Thailand & Philippines. And provide your price & we will need 200 ton per month. Tel: +852 936.....February 10 Contact 
e 25903: We were in a shop this weekend and saw slabs that we've never heard of before: Michelangelo, Misk and Brown Armani. They were beautiful. The Michelangelo was black, brown and white (large irregular patches). The Brown Armani had a flow to it and was very rich looking. And the Misk was also of the brownish family - harder to describe. What can you tell us about these. Telephone: 703-21..... February 10 Contact 
e 25902: I would like to know where in puerto rico can I find a store that sells granite tiles?  February 9 Contact 
e 25901 USA:  I would like to order 70 pcs of (Diamond Saw Blade for Granite 14") and would like to know the total cost and shipping cost. We will appreciate your fast reply as this orders are needed urgently. And payment via company credit card account number. Shipment via Fedex or Ups overnight shipment.  February 9 Contact 
e 25900 UK: NEEDED IMMEDIATELY 60 linear metres - Bradstone Coping Stones - Buff - 508 x 275mm. Suppliers from UK only. Tel: 0114 26.....February 9 Contact 
e 25899 Oman: Please send your best offer for - Amarillo Triana yellow-marble blocks and Honed finished & Polished slabs in 2cm thick, 3cm thick & 4 cm thick as FOB & freight to Muscat, Oman URGENTLY. The project is at tender stage , hence your quote should be valid for 120 days. Tel. No. + 968 245.....February 9 Contact 
e 25898 : We used classically Beige travertine, And Walnut (similar your Chocolate?). Please quote with images. t. +84 83 98.....February 9 Contact 
e 25897 Australia: I am seeking Verde Fontaine Granite tiles 305 x 305. I am after a minimum of 15. Do you have any? Do you have a supplier in Australia? Are you able to help in any way? Telephone: 03 927.....  February 9 Contact 
e 25896: i want to know whether you carry Sand Blaster. If you do so kindly email me with the sizes and the price ranges on that so that i will know the quantity to offer and also i want to know if you accept credit card as form of payment. February 8 Contact 
e 25895: I am interested to buy Lapiz Lazuli. What is the price? Is it possible to have a sample?  Telephone: 014534.....  February 8 Contact 
e 25894: I contact your company to make an enquirers of Tiles. So if you don't mind to e mail me back with your price list so that i can make my selection and get back to you. Also including your major credit card that you accept ,name and contact no. February 8 Contact 
e 25893: You are kindly requested to provide the best competitive offer for supply of the over head cranes ( Qty 7-Off ). Please indicate the price basis, packing forwarding charges and other price elements separately in the bid. February 7 Contact 
e 25892 Australia: I want 600x600x20 polished Marble Calacatta from Italy. I need big quantity, Can you quote the price and availability.
Tel: +61 3 942.....February 7 Contact 
e 25891 Ireland: I am looking for info on Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine  as per readystock 161. Telephone: 00353862......February 6 Contact 
e 25890 Canada: I am looking to import granite slabs to Toronto. Was wondering if you can help me out with pricing and info. Do you sell to someone local now? Tel: 416 70.....February 5 Contact 
e 25889: Looking for Juparana Delicatus slabs with lots of milky quartz in the San Francisco - Santa Cruz, CA area........can you help? February 5 Contact 
e 25888 Poland: I have my own company and I order a lot of tombstones, headstones, etc. but never straight from China always someone does this from me. Now I want import straight from China without anyone else. Can You send to me Your pricelist for m2 or m3.? For first time i need to order minimum 2 containers 20ft. I am interested in popular colours like: G664, G603, sea wave, Impala, Shanxi black, orion, himalaya blue, blue pearl, china juparana, ruby star, tan brown. It's just some of granites colours If You can give me more a will be happy :-) Please help...February 4 Contact 
e 25887: We manage some of the main building and renovation projects in Vietnam. Please send price list and pictures of Indian Green. February 4 Contact 
e 25886 Australia: I am looking to purchase a Caterpillar Wheel Loader Model 926 to Model 938A. The year I am looking for is between 1985 - 1991. Would like to purchase this in good condition and a good price. Tel: 0405 2.....February 4 Contact 
e 25885 Vietnam: Be kind to send us your FOB price for the following material:
Palimanan and Jogja Marble, in slab 120x240x2cm and cut to size 60x60x2cm.
We could be interested for the Sheraton project in Da Nang -we partly have to be stone supplier. Thanks to send good pictures and the specifs of your product. tel. +84 8 98.....February 4 Contact 
e 25884: Interested in a grader CAT 14G. Tel: +33.684.9.....February 4 Contact 
e 25883 USA: retail: I am looking for creme azul bahia granite, can you tell me where to purchase it in Houston TX. Tel: 409-71..... February 4 Contact 
e 25882 USA: retail: I am looking for white quartzite slabs for a kitchen countertop, located in Long Island NY. tel/ (212) 21.....February 4 Contact 
e 25881 Ghana: I am looking to do business with you in ceramics tiles in quantities. Please send me the various types of tile you have and the prices quoted in cif to Tema port. Let me know how many sqm will contain in 20ft container and the cost per sqm in US Dollars and cif price to Tema port. I would you quote the price for especially 400x400 and also other sizes too. February 3 Contact 
e 25880 Canada: We are interested in Sodalite Blue these are for custom table tops 1 unit with the diameter of 1,280 mm, 2 unit table tops size of 645 x 1,377 mm and 12 table tops of 537 x 537 mm. Total of 15 units. Please let me know if you can can cut to the above measurements. The stone cut then needs to be shipped to Saudi Arabia. If you are interested please submit your best offer, overall price, shipping price and price per sq m/mm etc, please quote your price on cif Dammam Saudi Arabia basis with shortest delivery and 90 days validity. Telephone: 905 5.....February 3 Contact 
e 25879 Zimbabwe: Please quote for granite slabs. The thickness of the slabs he mainly uses is 20mm or 30 mm. The sheets/slabs have the following dimension: 1m x 1.9m(width and length). Kindly prepare a price list for the above mentioned items. Mobile: +260 955 8.....February 3 Contact 
e 25878: I will be grateful if you provide me with the relative literature/specifications concerning the following list of paving slabs materials. Due that my occupation is a quantity surveyor and presently I am engaged in the paving sector. Under my charge I have a vast list of local contractors, whom are specialising in supplying and laying of paving materials. Also we have local Tenders in hand ready to be filled and priced. Therefore if I have the required paving material specifications before hand, I will be in position to recommend and direct my contractors that falls under my jurisdiction.

I wish I can enquire some literature or Data on your paving materials from your end. This information should include the characteristics of the paving material. Such as the quality, colour/texture, non slip (slip resistance), water absorption ratio, density, compression strength, bonded stress size and thickness etc. All the materials are intended for use externally in towns for the embellishment of roads/streets, pedestrian’s areas in Malta.

Paving Slabs Material List (for external use in Town streets/roads and pedestrians Areas)
a) Pofido
b) Natural Slate
c) Hard Stone
d) Gobblers
e) Lava
f) Travertine
g) Other paving materials suitable for these purposes.

The following are the sizes that are commonly used here in Malta.

Length width thickness (for laying in roads/streets)
600mm x 300mm x 75mm
450mm x 300mm x 75mm
300mm x 300mm x 75mm.
February 3 Contact 
e 25877 USA: retail: I was on your web page displaying granite from Brazil. I was interested if I could obtain a small sample of the Amarello Brazilian Granite, either through a distributor near my office or by shipping directly from the supplier. Telephone: 631-54..... February 3 Contact 
e 25876: I would be grateful if you could send me more info. on Galeski 3000 sink cutting machine and pictures if possible. Also would it be possible to get tools for this machine.  February 2 Contact 
e 25875 Turkey: For a Project in Turkmenistan we need absolute black granite. Sizes:
30x60x2 upside polished
30x80x2 upside polished
30x100x2 upside polished
20x100x2 upside polished
And also for stairs…
Please supply us your offer for CIF Turkmenistan and CIF Turkey. Mobile: 90 532 56.....February 2 Contact 
e 25874 USA: I am interested in buying absolute black tiles 12x12 and 18x18... what is your best price. February 2 Contact 
e 25873 Iran: We want to buy brazil granite slabs, polished, random, size: 90 cm up x 200-300cm x2 cm , and size : 65 cm up x 200 cm up x 2 cm , send me natural pictures with competitive prices. 
for available types as follow: Vicenza Gold, White Parana, Violeta, Yellow River, Tropical Tiffany, Verniz Tracomal, Tuscan Sunset, Silver Red, Terra Brown, Silver Gray, Sea Foam Green Dark ,Sea Foam Green Classic ,Santa Helena ,San Gabriel Black ,Samba Red ,Rosa Beatriz , Persa Blue ,New Baltic Brown ,Net Blue, , Marina Green, Ipanema Beige, Imperial Pearl, Gray Castelo, Cacao Bahia ,Brazilian Black, Black Itapoa.  February 1 Contact 

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.