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e 26181 South Africa: I am looking for price list of granite block per ton. Can you assist me? Tel: 082 92.....April 30 Contact
e 26180 Uganda: I am from Uganda (East Africa) dealing in hardware stuff i would like to start importing tiles from your company and i would like to know if you to if you can make me your agent here in Uganda. TEL.+256712/8.....April 29 Contact
e 26179 Qatar: We would like to request from you the prices of the following granite products if available:
silver cloud rough finish
Virginia Mist rough finish
Sunset red rough finish
Summer light rough finish

Tel: +974 46.....April 29 Contact
e 26178 UK: I am interested in buying some of your china glazed wall and floor tiles, could you please let me know where you are based, and how I could come and have a look at your products, I am based in London united kingdom. April 29 Contact
e 26177 USA:  I will like to know do you carry Tile Cutters in stock. If yes, email me back with the types and prices on each unit to enable me decide the quantity I will like to purchase. Also what method of payment do you accept. Tel: 206-66..... April 29 Contact
e 26176 USA: I am looking for 550 sq. ft. of 18 x 18 x 1/2 inch Silver Pearl granite tile. Polished. It is for a residential kitchen and I would like to pay with American Express. I am ready to order at any time. Tel: (309) 66.....April 29 Contact
e 26175 Nigeria: Recently, some of our clients insisted they wanted us to start using the INKA tiles made from Turkey in their homes. We don't have such products here and if we do we don't know where to buy them here in Nigeria. +23480338.....April 28 Contact
e 26174 Saudi Arabia: We want to find Saudi Arabian marble, granite or ornamental stone supplier in a distance of less than 800 km from Jeddah, KSA. The stone will be used to cover floors (very large project, more than 300 000 m to cover). We are at the Development Design phase of the project so we are defining materials for the interior design; we wish to find local stone. It is important to us to know the offers in the region to be able to define suitable materials for the design. Can you please provide us documentation about suppliers that meet our requirement and a list of products they provide? tel: +33 (0)1 49 ......April 28 Contact
e 26173: do you carry Slabs what is their price range as well as the types of credit card you accept for payment.  April 28 Contact
e 26172: Interested in Ready Stock 506 Turkish Travertine from a seller in USA. April 28 Contact
e 26171 USA: Retail: I would like to buy enough Verde Marinace 12 x 12 granite tiles to complete a kitchen backsplash. I live in Austin, Texas. Can you help me? Tel: 512-77.....April 28 Contact
e 26170: Please quote for granite and marble tiles. April 28 Contact
e 26169 Lebanon: Need one Korfmann ST 450 VT, Chain Saw. Ph: +9613 1..... April 28 Contact
e 26168: Need price for white marbe big is the slab 6" by 6" ...6' by 3'...or what???? April 28 Contact
e 26167 USA: I am looking to find who is a supplier in the US - Ohio MUGLA WHITE MARBLE POLISHED MOSAICS, SATELLI MARBLE, OCTAGON MOSAIC SHEET, LIM. WHITE/NE 12 x 12. .April 28 Contact
e 26166 USA: I am currently looking to place a small order 120SF of either Blu Bahia/Azul Imperial and or Bianco romano Granite through your company. Additionally we require 5000 SF of Cedar Lake Granite (we have greater lead time for this material and others to follow). Due to change orders submitted, we have less lead time for this order however we are set on obtaining reasonable prices, and will view such as an indicator for the ability to conduct considerable business in the future. It is a small order and is not A typical of volume associated with materials we furnish for both new and renovation based projects. Please contact me at 631-60......April 28 Contact
e 26165 Greece: We want an offer price about nero impala granite. The dimensions are 30x50 and the width 1,6. The quantity is 1200 sqm. Telephone: 23730..... April 27 Contact
e 26164 India: We are presently in need of porphyry Stones, While surfing we got your company information. Looking to your products we found that you can serve to our requirement. Kindly refer attachment for the details of our requirement. Tel: 0091-731-64..... April 27 Contact
e 26163 Australia: My family has a retail business in Mauritius, i was wondering if we can have some samples before we decide to put an order. We are happy to pay for the samples and it will need to be posted to Mauritius. Can you please provide a quote on the samples inc freight charges. The colours we were after are: yak black, tiget black, Ghibili, Ratnasila black, Red Multicolor, fantasy, anantapur grey, tindharan black, kalima white, imperial white, (Aurora Bianca, cardigan bianco, diadema white and grey castello). Once you get back to me, i will confirm delivery address and payment. Telephone: 613 927.....April 26 Contact
e 26162: We are interested in the chainsaw machine. We understand that it is a Korfmann ST 450 VT, reconditioned machine. Please send us full specifications including year of manufacture, available spare parts, guarantee if any, price in US $ including rails, payment method. Ph No: + 9613 1.....April 26 Contact
e 26160: I am interested in ONYX SLABS AND TILES (60x30 or 60x60cm white onyx tiles). Could you please confirm the prices, availability and shipping options in Europe? April 24 Contact
e 26159 USA: I am planning on purchasing stone within the next 30 days and I needs quote (stated in USD$) as soon as possible. Attached is my worksheet outlining the stone I will be ordering. Please include with Quotes (best guaranteed prices for best quality products from multiple source vendors):
a. Shipping/Freight Charges (note that all products will ship to same address job site)
b. Tariffs
c. Taxes
d. Handling
e. Payment Terms
f. Guarantees
I would also like to have samples of each of the items listed. Tel: (925) 26......April 24 Contact
e 26158: Please supply current price list specifically for Talc lumps and Talc powder. April 23 Contact
e 26157 Sri Lanka: We have customer request Gantry Crane as below:
capacity: 7.5 Ton
Span : 6m
Height : 5m
Length: 12m (supporting distance 6m)
Pls send you quotation for manual and electrical operated gantry with design beam size and other details. April 23 Contact
e 26156 USA: I am interested in purchasing some of the Connecticut field stone. We are building a house and will be having a front entrance, some detail work, and our entire 2 story fireplace done in CT fieldstone. Tel: 1-860-82.....April 22 Contact
e 26155: I am interested to purchase one loader urgently. I would like to see it asap. Tel: 050 918.....April 22 Contact
e 26154 India: My consultants and i have been pondering over which marble to use for a very high-end residential project that we are working on. as usual, the first thing that came to our mind was italian generally, and Botticino Fiorito to be specific. But, for projects as large as this one, costs matter. Yesterday i came across an iranian supplier of botticino (the iranian version). now my questions is, are the iranian marbles any good? how do they compare in strength and durability against the italian marbles? since we r going in for beige colours only, is there anything you can suggest? would appreciate your prompt response with some techinical information and figures. April 21 Contact
e 26153 USA: I wonder if you have distribution in Dallas /Fort Worth area and if you do where will you be?  Telephone: 214 64.....April 21 Contact
e 26152 USA: We need 75 slabs 3cm Indian colors BLACK GALAXY, VYARA, JUPERANA GOLD, ABSOLUTE BLACK. Telephone: 303-98..... April 20 Contact
e 26151 : We are one of the leading interior decoration companies in the Sultanate of Oman. We have a requirement of following marbles for one of our projects: Azul Bochiera / Blue Mona / Rosso Francia. Would you please send us the pictures of these marbles and if possible the contact details of few suppliers. Attached is the pdf of details. Tel: 00968 248..... April 20 Contact
e 26150 Malaysia: Please Provide us the quotation for new holland combine harvester New / Used as per following items model no.:
1) NH 1545
2) NH 8060
3) NH 8070
4) NH 8080
Kindly attach the photographs for us. Telephone: 604 - 79..... April 20 Contact
e 26149 Australia: We are chasing 900+ m2 of G640 Granite tiles. We require it in two thicknesses. Should you require any further information, please contact me directly on 0403 2......April 20 Contact
e 26148 : I am interested in buying 1 or 2 stone balls (granite or marble) of 8-9 inches in diameter. They should be delivered to Los Angeles, CA. Would you please send me a quote? April 18 Contact
e 26147 USA: I have a small sample of "Silk Verde" porcelain 17x26 tile - it has a "pearlescent" finish with "brushed" linear texture in grey/taupe. Probably import. Need about 3000 sq. ft. for commercial project (Floors and walls) but don't have mfg./supplier info? Also require 500 lin ft of base if available? Tel: 480-91.....April 18 Contact
e 26146 South Africa: I am trying to source American Silver (attached). I would be most grateful if you can assist me with who might supply the above marble in a 2cm polished finish. Tel: 021 55......April 17 Contact
e 26145 South Africa: Please quote me on 300 x 300 "Zimbabwe Black" polished granite floor tiles. We are a company in South Africa. Also include delivery pricing and minimum order pricing. April 17 Contact
e 26144 Saudi Arabia: I have opened a new company to import marble to Saudi Arabia. There are orders for 2000 sq meters of 20 mm X 30 cm X 60 cm slabs of banswara. How to import marble to saudi arabia without agents involved. April 17 Contact
e 26143 USA: We are a construction company in New York, U.S.A., looking to find and purchase black absolute granite in a honed finish with a 4 inch thickness for the water table (base) at building columns. We require approximately 120 pieces ( piers ) of approximately 48 inches in height, 36 inches and width, and all with a 4 inch thickness. We have shop drawings to send to you. Time and price are important factors. Tel: 212 95.....April 17 Contact
e 26142 Russia: We are looking for the belgium/french marble Rouge de Roy. Can you supply it directly from the country of origin? Telephone: 8-812-32..... April 16 Contact
e 26141 USA: Looking for Giallo sienna 700 square feet floor tile, ideally 18 x 18 or so to western North Carolina. Tel: 305-86.....April 16 Contact
e 26140: I need to locate 700 sq ft of black or nearly black granite 2" slabs. Could be a real dark brown or green. I can saw and polish if I find the granite in block form. Must be able to make quantity in monument grade. I am in Idaho so maybe on the West Coast? Tel: 208-66.....April 16 Contact
e 26139: Looking for a supplier of Arizona Coral D.G. Can you please contact me regarding pricing and availability of your product? April 15 Contact
e 26138: I am looking for Absolute Black 6, 8 and 10 inches Slabs. If you could please send me a quote of the cost of those slabs. April 15 Contact
e 26137 Saudi Arabia: I request you to kindly provide us with a sample of Light blue Labrador. Phone : 966 (2) 65.....April 15 Contact
e 26136 IRELAND: AS WHOLESALERS, WE REQUIRE URGENT PRICES ON 5000M2 KINAWA CLASSICO. Telephone: 00353 41 98.....April 15 Contact
e 26135 Bahrain: Our company one of the dealer/distributor of ceramic tiles sanitary wares is very interested on your product so please kindly send us your new catalogues and best lowest price send for me so we can start a good business in here the kingdom of Bahrain. Mobile: 00973394......April 15 Contact
e 26134 UK: Can you please email me with the name of this pattern. Telephone: 077465.....April 14 Contact
e 26133 USA: Looking for brazil granite amarelo fiorita and ethiopian marble sabian rose. Telephone: 323-64..... April 14 Contact
e 26132 USA: I am from the Midwest (Illinois) and I am wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase Immobest Sandbinder from. If you have any information please forward that on to me. April 12 Contact
e 26131: Looking for Nevada, Color Reno 18 x 18 tile - need to purchase (Need to replace several tiles). April 11 Contact
e 26130 Bahrain: We have urgent requirement of Caramel Onyx (Immediate), Cappucino Onyx, Antique Onyx and Orange Onyx. Please send us details of suppliers immediately. Tel/Fax:+973- 17 7.....April 11 Contact
e 26129: we wanna to know if you have Cat Wheel Loader E950 ,F950 ,E966 ,F966 Model year between 1980 and 1993 if so please don't hesitate to inform us as we are searching for such loaders.   April 11 Contact
e 26128 USA: Request US "blue-blue" bluestone pricing for a for a swimming pool (rectangle 18x36 ft) decking/coping project. For the decking, want a very blue stone prefer natural cleft to cover approx 340 sq. ft (request pricing for both dimensional and irregular cuts). In addition, 108 sq.ft of either thermal or natural cleft coping. Delivery in June/July. Phone number: 720-98.....April 10 Contact
e 26127 Italy: We are a processing marble an granite company from Italy. I am looking for AFRICAN BUTTERFLY green marble.
It could be a chinese material. I really need any news about this material. Please contact me a.s.a.p if you know this marble or anybody else who could help me. TEL. 0438 4.....April 10 Contact
e 26126 USA: I am in need of Absolute Black stone cut to my specifications. If you can send me a sample (I will pay for the sample if necessary) I will be able to determine whether your stone fits my needs. If it does I can purchase a large quantity.
I need the stone to be 3/8" to 1/2" thick and smooth on both sides but NOT polished (if it comes off of the saw flat and smooth, no ther processing is necessary). It cannot be treated or dyed in any way. I will need varying sizes up to 12" square, but I can have it cut smaller here if cutting small sizes presents a problem.
If you can send me a sample at least 6" x 3" for my inspection, I will test it and then we can discuss pricing. April 10 Contact
e 26125:  would you send me a price list please, and does your price list reflect large orders. April 10 Contact
e 26124 USA: Nee machinery to cut blocks into slabs or tiles Cut limestone blocks (12- 24 thickness), create profiles from blocks (medium grade) 12- 24 thickness. I am looking for pricing/ information on saws or other cutting tools for limestone. We produce architectural stone and would like to purchase tools and limestone for manufacturing product. Phone: (678) 70.....April 10 Contact
e 26123 USA: I am looking for a supplier for Texas Cream limestone or another source of white limestone. I have visited your website and would like to request some additional information.
phone number: 404-49.....
all specifications e.g. quantity, size range, application if buying stone
Architectural products cut from slabs. Minimal dimensions as follows:
80w x 10h x 16d- qty. 5
85w x 12h x 12d- qty. 5
60w x 14h x 10d- qty. 2
48w x 12h x 26d- qty. 1
48w x 10h x 12d. qty. 1
This is an example list of dimensions I am looking for. Quantities will vary depending on location/ price structure
by which date do you expect to finalize / place an order? 3- 4 weeks
Phone: (678) 70.....April 10 Contact
e 26122 UAE: One of my clients requested a serpeggianti marble tiles of the best quality for a commercial project. I would like to request prices and availibility.
Please find below details of the marble we need for this project. The date is not specified yet but if the price is right the client will confirm the order very soon. Please also give me delivery terms and costs of bringing the marble in this amount to Dubai.
- approximate quantity? 4220 sq.m of tiles 60cm X 60cm X 2cm (thickness) and 8000 sq.m of tiles 60cm x 100cm x 2cm (thickness)
- want to import or buy domestic? - Import
- shade variation e.g. standard, minimum, doesn't matter? serpeggianti, the client is able to show you the samples he needs exactly.
- quality? e.g. first / best, commercial, rejects? best, commercial
- country of origin? - Italy
- will you pay for postage cost of samples? yes
April 9 Contact
e 26121 India: pl send us detail of 320 caterpiller used machinery to purchase. April 9 Contact
e 26120: Our company is located in Brooklyn, New York. We are fabricators. We have an immediate need for 2 slabs of 1-1/4 Verde Fuoco/Fire granite. We need pictures, sample & the complete cost of the slabs delivered to Brooklyn. We are ready to place the order upon receipt of the information. Tel: 917-86.....April 8 Contact
e 26119 Mexico: This is to request a price list of granite slabs that are in existence. We purchase from suppliers in brazil but who are seeking alternatives for the best price. April 8 Contact
e 26118 USA: I am looking to get a quote on a Paras Kerobokan Stone for use as a landscape border for a job in the Bahamas. tel: 407-29.....April 8 Contact
e 26116 India: We are looking for suppliers, vendors for large quantities of compacted decomposed granite for a prestigious project in Delhi. Kindly send us the details if you deal with this item. Also, please send us your phone nos. so we can get in touch for other items related to stone. April 8 Contact
e 26115 UK: Please could you send me Rosa Aurora Pink ex-factory rate C.I.F. United Kingdom (nearest port being a port near London). April 8 Contact
e 26114 USA: I wanted to reach out to your company to find out pricing for 3cm slabs polished of the granite Absolute Black, Preto Aracruz and Preto Sao Benedito. I need a container price, since it would be a big order. If any question, please feel free to contact me at the number listed below. Tel: 718-43.....April 8 Contact
e 26113 USA: Retail: I am interested in pricing granite verde chiaro 65 sq. feet. April 8 Contact
e 26112 Canada: Please advise price for resale & supply details with pictures of a bridge cutter. April 7 Contact
e 26111: I would like to buy slabs of granites from Brazil, can you please send price list and granites names, also full style and person in contact for payment...April 7 Contact
e 26110 USA: Need a mixed truckload of: soccer-ball-sized black and red lava, softball-to-pineapple-sized lace rock & a mix sizes from softball-to-large pupmpkin sized pieces of petrified wood we buy for resale as wholesalers. Tel: 519 - 84.....April 7 Contact
e 26109 UAE: I would like to have the list of Indian granite, marble, slate and sand stone. Tel: +971 4 33.....April 7 Contact
e 26108 Saudi Arabia: Respectly says that we have a factory for reshaping TCT circular saw blade, saw blade, different types knives ,bit and other cutting tool in saudi arbia at riaydh city since 1999. we want to purchase raw material for diamond segment. We want to expend our bussiness. we seriously are interested diamond segment for raw material. i hope you can get good response me. i hope you would like to reply me, and please send your catalog and price list in detail and also give me reply in detail term and condition as soon as possible. i am still waiting for your reply. Telephone: 966-1-24..... April 7 Contact
e 26107 USA: Here is my project:
I am redoing two bathrooms that open up to each other via pocket door. Both bathrooms have a single vanity that need countertops. One vanity is 36" wide and the other is 42" wide. Both vanities fit between walls so there will be no overhang on the sides. The depth is a standard 22" and both need new under mount sinks, centered. I would prefer a square sink over an oval or round and they both need to be white. If possible I'd like a little bit bigger sink on the larger countertop. The 36" countertop will get a center set faucet and the 42" countertop's faucet will be installed in the wall so no holes for that. Material not selected yet but am leaning toward a 3/4" solid surface Noce Travertine with a bullnose edge. Because the two bathrooms open to each other the material needs to be the same for both countertops. No backsplash material required.

Additional material needed:

Shower: Assorted sizes of Beige Tumbled Marble (4 x 4 shower floor
tile already purchased). I still need to purchase 90 sqft of 12 x 12 tiles and and 16 sqft of 6 x 6, Beige. (10% extra already figured in).

Floor: 16 x 16 Light Walnut Travertine (already purchased)

I will be laying all tile myself.

* I understand how small of a project this is and most contractors won't want to travel so far from the DFW area. I also realize that the two countertops are small enough to use scraps from other projects. I am willing to do the install myself if necessary. Tel: (940) 77..... April 7 Contact
e 26106 Canada: Please send us information on the tile veneers saws. Tel:905-64......April 6 Contact
e 26105 USA: Do you have 20 tons of Connecticut Fieldstone available? Your posting quotes $150.00 per pallet with each pallet being 1.5 tons. Please confirm. In what town is your farm located, I will being taking the stone to New Hartford. Tel: 860-37.....April 6 Contact
e 26104 Poland: We need an offer for the following specification:
1. Granit Juparana Colombo (India), 80 x 80 x 6 cm, surface finished with flame (for outside), ca. 550 sqm
2. Granit Shivakashi Yellow (India), 40 x 100 x 6 cm, surface finished with flame (for outside), ca. 550 sqm
Expected delivery time for the first delivery: 8 - 10 weeks from the date of order.
Delivery place: Poland
Tel. +48-41-30......April 6 Contact
e 26103: Need pavers please provide quotations. April 6 Contact
e 26102 Fiji: We would like to enquire as to what price you sell your Granite & Marble stone tops at and the various sizes, thickness and what it would cost per square. We are looking to manufacture our own tops. Eg Cut to size bullnose and do our own cut outs. Do you sell blanks and if so at what square meter rates? Telephone: 679-67.....April 6 Contact
e 26101: What is the average size of fieldstone pieces? Do you have any photos? April 6 Contact
e 26100 USA: I will like to purchase the below items to the address below please get back to me with the price and stock availability and the accepted credit cards with ups next day delivery of 14" X .125 Segmented Concrete Diamond Blade Wet/Dry 1" Arbor....50 pieces. April 6 Contact
e 26099: We would like to import those Stones directly from Brasil , could you pls. send us your best competitive FOB/CIF Export Price for the Granites named CAPOA BONITA, GIALLO ORNAMENTALE & AMAPA Polished Slabs 2 cm thickness for 1 x 20 basis if you can provide directly to us the same items. Also please send detailed photos of the same stones which you will be able to supply to us continuously Further Ill appreciate updated Sea Freight from a main Sea Port of Brasilian to Izmir Sea Port in these days if possible. April 5 Contact
e 26098 Australia: I want to know where is the original place of your marbles. And I need plenty of natural marbles or granites to export to China company. Telephone: 04211..... April 5 Contact
e 26097 USA: Please advise as to the price of Blue Bahia or Azul Bahia granite slabs. April 4 Contact
e 26096: Am Harrison and would like to make an Order of URNS from your store and would like to know the types and sizes you have as well as the prices and the types of credit cards that you accept. April 4 Contact
e 26095: We are interest in the product of Anasol macael for a yacht club decoration. There are some questions that we like to inquire. There would be so nice if we can get your attention as soon as possible.

First of all. May we know the price of the products that I mention in raw material and polished slabs cut? How much for a ton/block and square meter in FOB? And how 's the size of polished slab cut?

And also is there any dealer in China that we can check up with the polished slabs cut look? April 4 Contact
e 26094: Looking for a bulldozer 375. April 4 Contact
e 26093  Azerbaijan: we have built Very big HOTEL in Azerbaijan so for renovate it we need marble for the floor. At the result our company is looking for a company in China which can sell a lot of marble with good price. if it is possible pls send price list to my e-mail address. Send response urgently. Telephone: 99401244.....April 3 Contact
e 26092: We are looking for manitoulin limestone for landscaping. April 3 Contact
e 26091: I am looking to purchase used 2.5ton smooth roller and 2.5ton tire roller can you help. 2 Contact
e 26090 Malaysia: We are pleased to invite your esteem company to submit a competitive quotation as per below items:
1) Palimanan Stone white colour - Size : 750mmL x 900mmH - 42m2
2) Palimanan Stone white colour - Size : 300mmL x 150mmH - 90m2
TEL : 03-625.....April 2 Contact
e 26089 USA: I am looking for Serrizo Antigori or Monterosa slabs in the USA. Do you have any sources there?  Telephone: 71346..... April 2 Contact
e 26088 USA: I am located in Satellite Beach, Florida, 32937 USA. I am looking to cover my pool deck with Quartzite or slate tiles.
I am looking for multi color (tan/ gold/) in either a pattern or no smaller than 400 x 400 I also need 120 linear foot of pool coping If the product and price are right I am ready to buy now. I would like rough not polished as the surface should not be slippery when wet. April 2 Contact
e 26087 USA: Looking for Guatemalan Danby. Would you happen to know of any vendor caring this marble? Telephone: 603-72..... April1 Contact
e 26086 Syria: We are a Syrian firm want to buy granite and marble stone to Syria and would like to have an idea about the prices. Telephone: +963 41 4..... April1 Contact
e 26085 India: Need 300 X 300 X 30 mm size machine cut kota stone, factory floor laying, about 1,00,000 sft, good load bearing. Phone number 094433.....April1 Contact
e 26084 Taiwan: Please have the producer offer the GOLDEN MARBLE BLOCK extra choice, with size and price FOB EGYPT MAIN PORT with sea rate for 20feet container. April1 Contact
e 26083: I am interested in direct shipment of 16x16 coraline stone flooring and of columns to Guadeloupe for a residential construction project. Would appreciate information on grades, availability, costs , estimated shipping costs and import duties in Guadeloupe, if any. April1 Contact
e 26082 USA: I contacting you to make an inquiry on flagstones, i need to place an order on flag stones for a new orphanage site, i would like to place an order on flagstones, below is the details i need on the stone:
Details: Natural Flagstone
Size:1 or 2 inch
Quantity 30 tons
I would like you to work out a a quote on the above details and email me back with it, and also let me know your forms of payment and the turn around time for this order. April1 Contact
e 26081 TUNISIA: Please can you send me contact details for granite and marble guarry. Telephone: 00216983..... April 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.