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e 26354 USA: Interested in Marble Gangsaws and  fully automatic polishing machine. Cell: 702-23..... June 30 Contact
e 26353: We use 10 - 15mm Pumice stone as our growing medium, i.e. soil, and in roughly 25kg pks. Please let me know if you are able to help me. Tel: 035 78.....June 30 Contact
e 26352 USA: Looking for black or tan/brown granite to go with cherry cabinets/floor. Kitchen dimensions are approximately 10ft by 10ft "U" shape kitchen - left side 45.5inches by 24.5 inches; back side 113.5 inches by 24.5 inches; right side 56.5 inches by 28 inches. Need cut and installed by 7/1. Tel: 408.28.....June 29 Contact
e 26351 USA: Retail: I live in Milford, CT. I am looking for regular natural fieldstone for a stonewall project on my property. How much per dump truck load or pallet? June 29 Contact
e 26350 India: We are opening a new sanitary and tiles showroom within a month in HARYANA consisting of two floors of 2500 sft. area each. Our showroom is located at a prime location There is sufficient space for parking as well as hoardings, branding etc. The showroom is fully complete and interior work is in progress. We are interested to deal in your products. Mobile : 094166.....June 29 Contact
e 26349 India: Could you please give me the best rate for the following requirement for one of my overseas client?
ABSOLUTE BLACK, COFFEE BROWN, LADY DREAM, LAVENDER BLUE, PARADISO, ROYAL CREAM, MERRY GOLD, RUBY RED, RAW SILK, TAN BROWN, SAFFIRE BLUE. IT SHOULD BE CUT TO SIZE 240 X 62 X 2CM AND 100% WELL POLISHED. (20ft Container). Please give me the best rate so that we can do long term business. I am having quite a few overseas order ready with me now. Please send me the details about all you are having with you. Tel: +93457.....June 29 Contact
e 26348: Kindly let me know the pricelist of Granite tiles and Granite slabs for 100 sq ft each. June 29 Contact
e 26347: Retail: I have been searching for a LIGHT Ming Green slab to use for my Vanity top and my shower seat and I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? June 28 Contact
e 26346 Yemen: We always import from deferent's sources, like Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, India, and large quantities from China Suppliers. We import deferent's types of Granite, like G635, G636, G640, G648, Black Galaxy Slabs, Absolute Black etc. Marble, we import Green Marble,Kitne Marble, Rosa Marble. Regarding the colors of the marble: Our markets interested in Rosa Portugal Marble, Light Pink, marble, Green Marble, and other Rare Granite and marble. Regarding the quantities, our main business line is stone, it is continuously orders and dealing. Tel: 00967-1......June 28 Contact
e 26345: We are seeking for Rosa Portugal Marble Slabs, but we did not find the right materials, the real Portugal Rosa. We are requesting the Portugal manufactures companies to contact us, or any suppliers who has this real Rosa Portugal marble clean and excellent level of polishing with out any cracks or vines, spots etc. Telephone: 00967-1 2.....June 28 Contact
e 26344 USA: We are looking of Santa Cecilia gold in 3 cms. Please send photos if you have some ready stock. June 27 Contact
e 26343 India: We need for 10,000 sq feet of industrial flooring in Kolkata Madyamgram either kota stone or marble depending on the prices:
Please give us the lowest price with taxes, delivery loading and unloading charges on site. Tel: 91-33-246.....June 27 Contact
e 26342 Saudi Arabia: I am interested in tiles for all purposes, like floor, bathrooms kitchen etc. The quantity you need to buy (e.g. 200 sq.ft.) I am building a house at India, Kerala State, at cochin town itself, where I need all together about 3,500 sq.ft.). I am looking for a mix items, i.e. few granite, then sandstone or ceramic etc... For this purposes I need more info on the sandstone specifications and other kind of materials). Call me 00966502......June 27 Contact
e 26341 Singapore: I'm interested in your company's Milas Pearl. We would appreciate if you can send us a 300 x 300 sample of it. Also, please quote us C+F Singapore for random slabs. Tel: +65-656.....June 27 Contact
e 26340 Jordan: We are willing to cooperate with your company in the granite business; therefore you are kindly requested to send your prices for the granite tiles. The required size is 600mm X 600mm. Mobile: 00962-7954.....The granite to be used for floor and walls, the required colors are black galaxy and black color, dark green, dark blue. Please send us the granite material specification, packing details and the quantity / container. June 26 Contact
e 26339 Canada: I am starting a granite countertop business in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I already have the fabrication labourers in place, however I still need granite. I would like to get Granite slab pricing ASAP. Initially I will be placing smaller orders in the $10k range, however in time, as the business takes off, I would like to increase this.  June 26 Contact
e 26338: I am interested in some of your Tiles. I need the Ceramic Tiles in 12 x 12 sq ft. What will the total cost of the Tiles with the dimensions I gave and I need 500 quantities of the Ceramic Tiles. I will also like you to get back to me with the types of credit card that you do accept for payment.  June 26 Contact
e 26337: I am looking for cobblestones for my driveway. Old stone recut is first choice. 700 square feet. Maximum 4 x 4 inch cobblestones. 
Ready to buy. June 26 Contact
e 26335 UAE: I need to send a list for quotation please. June 25 Contact
e 26334: Please quote for ceramic tiles for a hotel project. June 24 Contact
e 26333 UK: Need sandstone paving for UK market, with competitive offer and also pictures of your products.  Telephone: 97104.....June 24 Contact
e 26332 USA: Retail: Im trying to source 14 tiles fo 12x12 Ramone gray tile for ASAP delivery to NYC (10018). Tel: 646-66.....June 24 Contact
e 26331: Retail: I am looking for Italian Basalt for my kitchen countertops in the USA. June 24 Contact
e 26330: I am looking for a European supplier how can provide us with Gaudy Marble for a five star Hotel in London, in UK will be great.
Phone Leb : + 961 1 48.....
Mobile Leb : + 961 3 72.....
Mobile UK : + 4475191.....June 24 Contact
e 26329 Spain: We meet you trough internet and is a pleasure contact with your company, can you provide Blanco Ibiza Marble or Similar? (attached you can see a photo), if your answer is affirmative, can you send photo of the material you can provide? Can you send us price, as soon as possible, of 35x55x3, 50x55x3, 75x55x3, 100x55x3, 125x55x3 formats or 3cm thickness slabs. Price is for a complete container. TLF +34 96 56.....June 23 Contact
e 26328: How do I get in touch with this supplier for Brazilian granites slabs and tiles. June 23 Contact
e 26327: We are in need of about 24 tiles for Ege Seramik - Assisi Beige 13" square floor tile. Do you have this or know where I can get it? We need to patch an existing kitchen floor. June 23 Contact
e 26326 India: Looking for BASALT Stone. Telephone: 90040..... June 22 Contact
e 26325: Please quote for CAT 14G. June 22 Contact
e 26324 Germany: Please kindly offer me your most competitive price quotes and product references & pictures for rough chiseled Jerusalem stone. June 22 Contact
e 26323 Germany: I may take interest in your products such azul bahia or imperial blue, please kindly offer me your most competitive price quotes and product references. June 22 Contact
e 26322 Germany: I may take interest in your products and require further images to view your local slab colors for Bonacord Granite, .
I may likewise take interest in different stone materials and would like your co. reference and contact coordinates. Which stone cutting machinery do you apply? Can you offer fine cutting facilities? Are you familiar with Kimberley? June 22 Contact
e 26321 India: We have selected Black markino for our residential project in India and looking suppliers who can supply us about 500000 sqft in next 1 2 years. Phone: 9112447.....June 21 Contact
e 26320: Interested in Malachite & Lapis Lazuli. June 21 Contact
e 26319 UAE: Looking for a pipe layer machine for export. So, please quote the price.  Telephone: 009715047..... June 20 Contact
e 26318 UK: Do you have black in 400x400 and 600x400 and white in 400x400 how much for 35m2.  June 20 Contact
e 26317 UAE: I AM LOOKING FOR GASGOGYNE BLUE STONE 1 MTR/1MTR -440 M2 AND 2MTR/2MTR--40M2. Telephone: 00971433..... June 20 Contact
e 26316 India: I would like to know the price list of floor tiles and send me the venue where I can purchase the tiles. Tel: 044-225.....June 19 Contact
e 26315:  Please send the four side images of the Machine of strip cutting, calibration, line polishing 18 heads, cross cutting, chamfering & sizing (used & new both) and production capacity with maximum dimension of the tile, complete specification, year of fabrication, make, cost of machinery, freight, volume, delivery time and other important information. If condition is good and running our technical team will inspect the machine before placing an order. And also mention payment terms. June 19 Contact
e 26314 USA; I am interested in purchasing and having delivered about 35 square feet of marble. The shape and sizes of the pieces are attached. 1.5" thickness maximum. I am building my own kitchen, and am looking for a countertop. My cell phone number is 617-79.....I am willing to buy from anyone that can have it delivered to my location. I am willing to pay shipping costs if I can afford them. If the cuts can be made to my specifications, I will purchase and pay immediately. This is the color and price that I am most interested in: Pricelist 1137 Brazilian and Greek marble slabs, Acquarela Marble, US$4.35 per square foot. June 19 Contact
e 26313 USA: Looking for a Granite Business in Buenos Aires Argentina. I would like to hire someone to put granite into a house in Argentina. June 18 Contact
e 26312: I am looking for granite tiles for an outdoor kitchen. Can you send me a list of colors and prices that you offer. I would also be interested in the granite edging, also. June 18 Contact
e 26311: Retail: How much would a slab of bianco romano cost...? June 18 Contact
e 26310 Ethiopia: I would like to buy complete plant recondition granite machine or new Chinese complete plant granite machine. Telephone: 2519112..... June 18 Contact
e 26309 USA: retail: I am looking for honed slate slab for a fireplace and buffet area. Im having trouble finding honed slates in Southern California that I can actually go see. Prefer a solid type color, grayish tone. We already have a busy granite in the kitchen area and thought slate slab might go well. Any suggestions? Im even considering billiard slate if honed (and inexpensive). June 16 Contact
e 26308: Can you help me with a Glass mosaic tile and the color is FIORINA ROSA. Owing to this i will like you to get back to me with the price for a size 305 x 305mm or 400 x 400mm or and thickness:12mm Granite tile and the color is Baltic Brown. I will also like to know the forms of payment you do accept. Have a nice day and i want to hear from you as soon as possible. June 15 Contact
e 26307 USA: Need a tropical green monument in 3 weeks
5.0x0.10x3.2 pol 5,serp top strt ends
base 6.0x1.4x0.10 pft,ws bk,brp. Telephone: 610-52.....June 15 Contact
e 26306 USA: Retail: Need Honey Onyx Honed 6x6 (45sf). Telephone: 631-39..... June 15 Contact
e 26305 India: We are interested in buying marble blocks & slabs from Italy, Egypt, Oman & Portugal. Can you let us know the tentative price for the following in 1st & commercial category.
4. Crema New Marfil
5. Galala
Phone: 9112447.....June 15 Contact
e 26304 UAE: Please can you provide current market price range in dubai for the Crema marfil mable flooring. Tel : +971 4 40.....June 15 Contact
e 26303 USA: You have a photo of brown suede on your website. I need 1300 sqft of brown suede honed 16x16 or 18x18 this week. See photos to verify same product. Do you have any distributors that have this in stock? Tel: 630-91.....June 15 Contact
e 26302 UAE: We need to obtain quotes on different materials and ensure their availability and timely delivery. The event will be held in February 2010 in UAE. We require quotes for White marble, China Black and Granite blocks sizes: 4m x 2m x 1m and also 4m x 2m x 2m. Areas we would consider buying the blocks from are nearing UAE, so Egypt, Turkey, India, Oman, Macedonia and would also need estimated quotes for freight included. As this is the first initiative that we are hoping to develop into regular feature in UAE, we would also welcome any suppliers prepared to consider sponsoring this event. Ph: + 971 2 66.....June 15 Contact
e 26301 USA: See attached with sizes for Driveway and Patio. We also want 1500 square split face stone for columns and walls in addition to attached. We want white/crme travertine, not peach or taupe. We would like to buy directly form a quarry in PERU. Phone number 925-99.....June 14 Contact
e 26300 India:  I am located in Hyderabad and I am looking for 1500sqft of Makrana white or similar marble. Can you please give me a quotation as well as pictures of some lots. June 14 Contact
60 x 60 x 2
30 x 60 x 2
40 x 30 x 2
50 x 30 x 2
OR IRAQI BORDER. June 14 Contact
e 26298: we are refurbishing our kitchen and would like to have a rosso alicante surface. we need pieces, as follows:
- 2,00 by 1,40 meters, preferably in one piece, or in two halves, with a large opening for the stove
- 2,00 by 0,65 meters in one piece, proably with one opening for a smaller stove
- 1,20 by 0,50 meters no opening
- 1,00 by 0.60 meters no opening
- 0,60 by 0,20 meters no opening
- 1,10 by 0,500 meters no opening
- these last three pieces will be built around a large sink and here we need to make an edge around three meters long so wennd the material for that.
We are located in vienna austria. we are willing to buy anywhere where the shipment cost is not too high, it is just a matter of overall price. June 13 Contact
e 26297: Our company is from Serbia and at the moment we need granite blocks "kinawa classico". Please let us know do you have this granite in your stock and if you do please send us price list. tel/fax +381-37-7.....June 13 Contact
e 26296 USA: I would like to order some Tiles and here are the details and specs of my order. You can email me with order specs and designs if you cannot meet my specifications (3 x 13,color-Light brown,1500 sf). Phone Number 210 40.....June 13 Contact
e 26295 UAE: Im interested in buying a wheel loader please. Tel: 050-65.....June 13 Contact
e 26294: I would like to place an order for pebbles. I would like to know if you carry Pebbles? If you do then go ahead and provide me with the quantity that you currently have in stock with it cost so that I can go ahead to place an order. June 12 Contact
e 26293 USA: I will like to know the prices for (e.g. 3000sq.ft.) pieces and Advise me the method of of payment you accept so that we can proceed with this order. i will be Looking forward to hear back from you so that we can proceed with the Order.
1) The type of material (marble)
2) The quality, colour of material (black colour)
Phone Number : 336-23.....June 12 Contact
e 26291: I am desperately seeking to buy some caliza alba limestone tiles - 400mm square - to replace part of my bathroom ... this was originally imported by Iberian Artisans but they say they can no longer get it for me. Can you help? I need 40 tiles. It is a very pale limestone with fossils and shells in it ... happy for you to come and look. Tel: 932.....June 12 Contact
e 26290 South Africa: I am enquiring about Quarella calacatta tile, does your company perhaps stock it. Tel: 08326...... June 12 Contact
e 26289 Tunisia: We are interested to buy from your company Pumice Stones for construction, please provide us with your best offer as follows:
Quantity : 8 000 M.T (about 1000 M.T per month)
Size : 0-10 mm (Granular)
Packing : in Big-Bags.
Your offer should be FOB Turkish port or CIF Gabes port Tunisia. We are importing cement FOB Antalya port and hope to ship pumice with cement from Antalya if its possible. Phone : (+216) 71 8......June 11 Contact
e 26288 India: We are in search of Jade stone, attached picture of the cladding. Colour is chocolate and white colour. Please forward me urgently the range in terms of thickness and price. June 11 Contact
e 26287 South Africa: Please quote for Gang saw and other stone processing and finishing machines in South Africa. Which factories can supply these services of cutting and finishing in South Africa? I am also looking for precious stones in south Africa, I heard the Brazilian Azul Bahia has similar one in South Africa. June 11 Contact
e 26286: I am inquiring steps - for stairs: 12pcs of 110032030mm - light color and 88pcs of 110032030mm - dark color. Please offer with transport to Bratislava, Slovak Republic. June 10 Contact
e 26285 USA: I need a catalogue for tiles manufacture for Nigeria market. I am based in USA and will like to import to Nigeria. Tel 973-56.....June 10 Contact
e 26284 USA: I will like to know if you carry roof tiles for sale and you do accept cards as a term of payment. Phone : 201-96.....June 9 Contact
e 26283 Macedonia: Can you pls send me offers for granite slabs 3cm and 2cm and tiles 1cm 60x30cm for ROSA BETA. We are from Rio Company, Macedonia. Tel:+389 70 3.....June 9 Contact
e 26282: 1) Please inform the price of this item?
2) What is the Maximum Big size?
3) Weight, price? June 9 Contact
e 26281 India: I want vitrified tiles in whole sale price please quote asap.  Telephone: 99622.....June 8 Contact
e 26280 USA: Need approx 3 yards of pebble stone in tan brown 3-5 mm. Telephone: 707-64.....June 7 Contact
e 26279 Libya: We have a Project here in Libya, for this:
Time we are looking urgently for WHITE MARBLE (image 1, image 2), the size is 80cmx40cmx3cm, the Quantity required is 7,000 square meter and to be used for exterior wall. If you are interested Please send us the Prices and Condition as Follows:
a) The Mechanical Marble Mounting directly on a current 80x40x3cm concrete together with the cost of Material.
b) The Cost of Mechanical Marble Mounting with support of a Metal Box on 80x40x3cm bricks together with cost of Materials.
c) Work Period starting from the beginning of delivery of the workplace.
d) Tripoli Libya Seaport F.O.B
e) Others Prices and Condition.
If you have any clarification Please Contact +218 9141.....June 7 Contact
e 26278: I am looking for 6 slabs of wild west green with a leather finish. Tel: 207 89.....June 5 Contact
e 26277 Bahrain: Please note we need the attached granite (picture) immediately. The details of the granite as follows:
Name: Branco Desiree
Origin: Brazil
Picture: Attached
Required Qty: 1200m2
Required Size: Random Slabs 2cm or 60 X 60 x 2 cm
Delivery time: 40 days from today.
Corp off tel : 00973 17 2....June 5 Contact
e 26276 Bulgaria: Please send us quotation for the following project:
1. Galala Classic
60/60/1.5 cm - 290 m2 - polished and calibrated in size and thickness
30.5/30.5/1 cm - 500 m2 - polished
40/40/2 cm - 500 m2 - polished
polished slabs on 2 cm - 50 m2
2. Triest Gray
60/60/1.5 cm - 290 m2 - polished and calibrated in size and thickness
30.5/30.5/1 cm - 500 m2 - polished
40/40/2 cm - 500 m2 - polished
polished slabs on 2 cm - 50 m2
The project is in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Cell phone -> + 359 898 7.....
We need the price for Triest Gray today if possible! June 5 Contact
e 26275 USA: I need 1 slab 2cm what the dimensions of slabs how much you charge to send it to Washington Dc and when can you send it I need a slab with almost no yellow. June 5 Contact
e 26274: I will like to know if you sell Granite Counter Tops? June 5 Contact
e 26273 : Please provide the price for the Markana Pure Marble for the following dimension 15 Feet X 15 Feet. June 4 Contact
e 26272 Denmark: Please send us pricelist for one 24 metric ton C&F (ARHUS), Denmark. Telephone: 0045.217.....June 4 Contact
e 26271 Oman: We are looking to buy:
1. BLOCK CUTTER for marble-------2nos ( as like as ref 110.)
2. CUTTING LINE for marble ---1no ( as like as ref 810)
3. POLISHING LINE for marble tiles----1no (as like as ref 808)
4. SLAB POLISHING for marble-----1no( as like as ref 515,516 and MN104)
5. BRIDGE CUTTER for marble----1no ( as like as ref 216)
6. GANGSAWS for marble 80 blades----2nos.
G.S.M..00968 994.....June 4 Contact
e 26270: do you have imperial black? June 4 Contact
e 26269: I'm looking to do the same thing as this wall (Looking for flat field stone). I live 2 doors down from here so this is close to the size of my garden. How much for enough flat stone to do this? June 4 Contact
e 26268 USA: Can you direct me to a distributor in new york who might be able to get marble, bardiglio chiaro, bardiglio fume di londra, bardiglio scuro, bardiglio gioia ? looking for a very dark grey marble with lighter veins. Telephone: 914/24..... June 4 Contact
e 26267 Yemen: We are seeking to buy Portugal Rosa Marble Type of rosa Portugal as following
A- Rosa Portugal number 2
B- Rosa Portugal number 3
C- Rosa Portugal Salimone
D- Rosa Portugal Rosa (CM)

Size as following:
Slabs 120 up x 240 up x 2 cm
Slabs 120 up x 240 up x 3 cm
Kindly please send us your full details, like contact information to enable us to contact you for more details regarding the stone requirement. Telephone: 00967-1 2..... June 3 Contact
e 26266 USA: Retail: Where can i find black limesone tiles? We live in South Carolina, so somewhere in the area would be our preference.  June 3 Contact
e 26265 USA: We are looking for 15-20 slabs of black galaxy 2cm in michigan. June 3 Contact
e 26264 USA: retail: Need 1 box of Golden Oak Floor tile. I am in Orlando, florida. June 3 Contact
e 26263 UAE: Our company interested to buy some used truck cranes 50t (NK500). Please send me detail, photos and FOB prices of them. Tel: 00971422.....June 2 Contact
e 26262: I am interested in buying some granite do you sell like counter tops 96"x26" with the backsplash bullnose and stuff. June 2 Contact
e 26261: We need volcanic stone, could you send to me list price, 20ton. Fone: 011 345.....June 2 Contact
e 26260: We deal in building natural stone. One of our regular client has demanded Sandstone (Raj Green A. brown, mint, kher, chocolate, camel dast & kandla Grey). We have been doing business with many Indian Stone Export Houses. Information regarding the product is as follows.
Thickness 25 35 mm
Edges Hand Cut
Surface Natural
Back Side Natural
Size: 560 X 1120, 560 X 840, 560 X 700, 560 X560, 560 X 420, 560 X 280, 280 X 280 600 X 1200, 600 X 900, 600 X 750, 600 X 600, 600 X 450, 600 X 300, 300 X 300 The above sizes are in mm. Please quote the price as soon as you can for "FOB at Indian Port". Packing should be done in good wooden boxes. June 1 Contact
e 26259 Trinidad: I am trying to find the attached along with 8 feet sheet. Black Galaxy, Black with the shinny Blue and Black Pearl interests me. Phone: (868) 66.....June 1 Contact
e 26258: I have a project that needs 100 sq mtr of white tiles. I want to know if you could send me some pictures of your products. June 1 Contact
e 26257 Nigeria: I want connect to Italian marble company where I will buy Perlato royal and white carrara for two containers? My mobile 23480344.....June 1 Contact
e 26256 Poland: I am looking for prices for slabs negro ochavo. I will need probably about 300/400 sqm slabs 2cm and 3cm, might be cut to size, but yet don't know right sizes. cell phone 485011..... June 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.