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e 26973 USA: I need about 4000 sq ft of travertine for the exterior of my house. I am building a house in College Station, TX. The house has been framed and we are ready for the stone. I can not go through a whole seller because I have a budget of $2.50 /sq ft. I am including some pix of my inspiration house. I believe tumbled Noce Tuscany or River comes the closest to what I am looking for. If you have a better idea, I'm all ears. If we can get close on the price, I would like to see some samples. My house is about ready for the tile.  Tel: (832) 47.....Jan 31 Contact
e 26972: PLEASE WHAT IS YOUR PRICE FOR G640 SLAB. Jan 30 Contact
e 26971: I'm building my home in Jamaica and wanted to use as many local products as possible. Can you please tell me where I can find manufactures of Serge marble or other types of marble or stone from Jamaica. Jan 30 Contact
e 26970 USA: Retail: I am looking for 305x305x10 granite tiles, 15 to be exact in GL1065. I live in Buffalo, NY, United States. How do I go about purchasing this tile. I have some left over from a project that I did a couple years ago and am extending my counter top and need more.  Jan 29 Contact
e 26969: Please provide details of used Gangsaws. Also give me picture of the machines. Jan 29 Contact
e 26968 Pakistan: Please provide details of used Gangsaws. Also give me picture of the machines. Jan 29 Contact
e 26967: Please quote for Brazilian granite slabs. See pricelist 706 as reference. Phone: 586-97.....Jan 28 Contact
e 26966 USA: I will like to know if you do have Floor tiles cleaning machine for sell and i will like to know the cost of it plus the tax and get back to me. Jan 28 Contact
e 26965 USA: I am contacting you to know if you do have countertops for sale? I will like you to email me back if you do with the types and prices of the counter tops you have, I am located in California but have a freight company who will come to your location to pick them to my company in Sweden. Also do you accept credit cards as a form of payment? Jan 28 Contact
e 26964:  We would like to buy 600x600 light soluble salt (bright and polished porcelain). Jan 28 Contact
e 26963 Bahrain: We are a fast growing trading company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have requirement for Bottachino Classico and Perlatino each. We need Polished 60x60x2cm, quantity is 2000m2, 30 x 60cm and 1900m2 and random slabs 100m2. kindly send your best prices for the above with delivery schedule and the port of shipment. More over we are looking for a reliable supplier for other marble and stone products. awaiting your favourable reply. contact: +973-364.....Jan 27 Contact
e 26962 USA: I am going to be in Houston Wednesday and possibly, Thursday to buy marble/granite. Please call me at 325-23....Jan 27 Contact
e 26961 USA: Retail: I am looking forward in purchasing 20 - 18"x26" Paradiso granite tiles. How much and are they available? Telephone: 503-49.....Jan 27 Contact
e 26960 USA: I am quite interested in the classic Marble properly known as Pavonazzetto. While I frequently find marble billed as Paonazzo, Paonazza, and Paonazzetto, I believe these are all dialectic versions of the Italian word Pavonazetto referring to the peacock (Pavona) like pattern on the marble. But I do not believe this stone is truly quarried in Italy, and if some is, it is most properly billed as Breccia di Seravezza, in reference to the Seravezza quarry near Carrara. This is a photo of a slab we have recently purchased which originates in Italy. It seems very similar to the original marble described above of Turkish (Afyon) origin and I wonder if this material still is quarried in Turkey and processed in Italy. Mobile (503) 32.....Jan 27 Contact
e 26959 Canada: I would like to ask about availability, size of slate tiles / slab and price of this stone found on your site under IMAGES-PRIZED-UNKNOWN SLATES-"SUMIE". Do you have more photos of this slate that you can share with me? Telephone: 604-52...... Jan 27 Contact
e 26958 USA: Retail: Want to know whether you carry 12 x 12 granite tile in-stock for sales. If yes i will be very glad if you can go ahead and quote me the total cost of 500 quantities of the Granite tile and I want the thickness should be 3/8 and kindly let me know how soon I can get them ready for pickup and also advice the method of payment you accept for this order. Jan 27 Contact
e 26957 Belize: We are developing 3,000 acres of property out in Belize and are interested in buying granite blocks. As we have a stone processing factory here in Belize, we would like to purchase the granite in blocks to do the processing ourselves. I understand you sell rough blocks by cubic meters, is there a minimum, maximum, or standard size in selling these rough blocks? Jan 27 Contact
e 26956 USA: Do you know where I can find Slate slabs that are 8ft long. In Los Angeles! Tel: (805) 68....Jan 27 Contact
e 26955 Singapore: Would like to place an order regarding some Vermont Slate Turret 18" Length,Thickness 5/8" from your company to Singapore. What is their price ranges, also your terms of payment as well? Jan 26 Contact
e 26954 France: Various sizes of dressed sandstone required for renovation of cottage, can you send a range of sizes and prices. lintel for windows, side cheeks for doors, window sill, etc. Jan 25 Contact
e 26953 Spain: We are looking to purchase earth moving equipment. Tel: 9528..... Jan 25 Contact
e 26952 India: Can you please send the pricelist for green Kota machine cut, size 1'-6"X1'-6", thickness 20-25mm?  Jan 25 Contact
e 26951: Interested in a bridge cutter.  Jan 25 Contact
e 26950: looking for gallo california blocks and giallo fioritto blocks. Jan 23 Contact
e 26949 UAE: Could you please quote your best budgetary price for the supply of granite paving as per attached BOQ (attachment 1, attachment 2) for a project. Jan 23 Contact
e 26948 South Africa: Please send pricelist for stones and stone related products. Tel: +2711 5......Jan 23 Contact
e 26947 Netherlands: We are looking for 200m2 paving stone 40x20x5 dark grey or black.
Top face: Bush hammered
other sides sawn
Tel: +316531.....Jan 23 Contact
e 26946 Nigeria: Kindly let us know the Final price for CAT 345BL excavator to enable us negotiate and buy it out for them. Jan 22 Contact
e 26945 Switzerland: I am interested in marble for an apartment floor in Switzerland. Apartment size is 100 square metre. Please advise cost of transport and cost of material for alternative qualities. Jan 22 Contact
e 26944 USA: retail: I am interested in the Wine River Granite.  Jan 22 Contact
e 26943: Interested in a Gangsaw for granite.  Jan 21 Contact
e 26942: I am interested in the statuario marble (Quality number 1). what if i wanted the slaps to be cut to size? or the prices here are for wholesale? Jan 21 Contact
e 26941 Pakistan: Need CAT 950B Excavator. Cell:314-20......Jan 21 Contact
e 26940 South Africa: Looking for 800x300x50 exposed Aggregate Paver and Insitu duzi pebble Paver urgently. Telephone: 032-94.....Jan 21 Contact
e 26938 Dominican Republic: Can you send me a catalogue, with prices/weight/minimum order/photos of your tiles..? How to arrange a shipment to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic..?  Jan 20 Contact
e 26937 USA: How much would a marble block measuring 12" x 12" x 12" be? Would there be a discount for bulk ordering? Jan 19 Contact
e 26936: I am trying to find a supplier of Black Basalt Rock for a Stone Mason. Jan 19 Contact
e 26935: I need 5000 sq ft or 15000 cobblestone in a medium to large size. Roughly 8-9" long x 5 x 4. I would be putting them on a rail car and shipping them to tampa, fl where they would be transferred to Sarasota. I need these stones within two weeks. Please let me know what you have or can find for me. Tel: 877-73.....Jan 18 Contact
e 26934 Japan: I want to place an order in your store, and i will like to know if you ship to JAPAN and my method of payment will be credit card. So please let me know if you can assist me with the order, I know the difficulties encountered when shipping internationally, but that will not be a problem because I am registered with a shipping company whom have used severally without any delay nor problems given. Your product catalog pages will be highly needed to get your available products or if you could attached them directly to us included with the price. Jan 18 Contact
e 26933: Could you fwd me the contact details of the company that manufactures Ornamental Gemstones. I am a trader based in SA.  Jan 18 Contact
e 26930 Saudi Arabia: Please forward details of Gaspary Gangsaw Machines. Tel. No.87......Jan 17 Contact
e 26929 Russia: We are interested in purchase of granite and marble products:
Plate polished White real 600/300/30
Plate polished Akam black 600/200/30
Plate polished Akam black 600/120/20
Plate polished with the polished face and a facet 3-5mm White real 930/380/60
White real 1250/380/60
White real 1850/380/60
White real 1560/380/60
White real 1600/380/60
White real 1000/380/60
White real 700/380/60
White real 200/380/60 Plate polished White real 930/90/20
Plate polished White real 1250/90/20
Plate polished White real 1850/90/20
Plate polished White real 1560/90/20
Plate polished White real 1600/90/20
Plate polished White real 1000/90/20
Plate polished White real 700/90/20
Plate polished White real 1560/90/60
Plate polished Akam black 200/90/20
Plate polished Akam black 380/240, 120/20
Plate polished Milas real 600/1200/20
Profile polished Milas real 600/70/20

Be so kind as to inform the prices. Tel: 8044 50.....Jan 17 Contact
e 26928 USA: Retail: We are looking for Summer Light Red and Blue Louise. How are the pieces sold. Do you work with small orders? Jan 16 Contact
e 26927 UAE: Can you give the best price for giallo reale granite and venetian gold granite 2 & 3 cm slabs as soon as possible please. Tel: 009715039.....Jan 15 Contact
e 26926: We are looking for limestone GALIZA CAPRI. Now we have a revised project and we need for our client limestone Calizia Capri for ventilated facade, surface mat rough, 800x1600x20mm. We kindly ask you to send an offer for 500 square meter? Tel: +370 69.....Jan 15 Contact
e 26925: We have more than 25 years experience in stone field and we have agency for diamond tools and another for carbide inserts also we sell chain saw spare part like insert holder and outside link and inside link and another parts. Therefore we wish to build business relationship with you to import your products. Please mail us by DHL your catalogs and your pricelist.  Jan 15 Contact
e 26924 Bahrain: We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the largest group of companies based at Manama, Bahrain. We are looking for Lime Stone for our Re-Clamation Project. We need huge quantity of lime stone in 1 to 2 tons and 2 to 3 tons sizes. If you are in this line, please contact us for more information. Tel; 00973 174.....Jan 14 Contact
e 26923 USA: I want to start operating a business which sells different varieties of Stone Tiles e.g. Marble, Granite, Sandstone with the different types of surfaces for example polished honed, sawn etc...The sizes I will require will also vary in cm. We will also require commercial; quantities but are after competitive prices and samples, we are thinking of going through Indonesia or China and would like a response ASAP. Mobile number 0415 9......Jan 14 Contact
e 26922 Pakistan: I am looking for monolama cutting machine. Please quote for CNF karachi also send me detail and pictures. Jan 14 Contact
e 26921 USA: I am looking to buy 1-2 granite slabs for kitchen and bath room. Please quote price and delivery in NJ for:
Shiva Gold 1 1/4 inch slab
black galaxy 3/4 inch slab.
cell (848) 25.....Jan 14 Contact
e 26920 USA: I am looking for 3,000-4000 sqft of tile travertine 18X18 to install in the backyard around the pool. I am located in Los Angeles area. Please let me know availability, price, and quality. Jan 14 Contact
e 26919 USA: Seeking a quotation on a total of 200 tons of boulder/rock delivered to New Jersey. Minimum rock size diameter 12”. Maximum 60”. This size rock is not been available from our local material suppliers. Rock is for a shoreline restoration project. Any type not subject to saltwater degradation considered, no limestone products. Delivery sites accessible for dumping, no lift or crane required. Would prefer to buy several truckloads per month over the next year rather than all at once. Would prefer a quotation priced at rate per ton, with incremental purchase volume and minimum and maximum purchase amounts, if applicable. Ready to accept delivery at any time. Jan 14 Contact
e 26918: i need used asphalt mix plant (mobile) 100-120t/h. Jan 13 Contact
e 26917 UK: Retail: Have you a contact for buying Tavertine tiles in west France? Jan 13 Contact
e 26916 : We need about 100,000 tonnes of large cover stone blocks with a minimum density and 2.7 and absorption of 1.5%. Please see the attached picture which shows a normal rectangular shape, and uniform medium to dark color, each stone is between 16 and 18 tons. On the specification sheet please pay attention to the specifications for cover stone, the job is in Texas. My target price is around $20.00 a tonne dropped at a port that can load gearless panamax ships. Local phone: 1-767-44.....Jan 13 Contact
e 26915 Kazakhstan: We are a construction company operating in Astana - Kazakhstan. We are in need of Granite tiles with following specifications:
Black (Shanxi): 60x60x2 cms tile polished: quantity / 850 m2
Maple red: 60x60x2 cms tile polished: quantity / 850 m2
Grey: 60x60x2 cms tile polished: quantity / 500 m2
Delivery / Astana - Kazakhstan
Please make your best offer with shipment and payment term details. Tel: 7701 78..... Jan 13 Contact
e 26914 USA: I will like to know if you sell granite tiles if you do i will like you to get me the cost per sq.ft.
Black Galaxy 12"x12"x3/8", Polished.
PS. I will like to know the form of payment you take. Tel: (888) 64.....Jan 13 Contact
e 26913 Bangladesh: I have a tiles shop in Moulvibazar District, Bangladesh. I want to know the price of tiles. Jan 12 Contact
e 26912 Poland: I am looking for Volcano Picon which people from Spain Islands use in the gardens. I found some of it on your website but I need some pictures of it. How many tons will be in the container? What is the shipping price to send it to Poland? Telephone: +482254..... Jan 12 Contact
e 26911 USA: What's your asking price for 2 slabs of Blue Bahia slabs. Jan 12 Contact
e 26910 Ukraine: Our firm is in Ukraine. Marble Lotus Beige in slabs, thickness of 20 mm is necessary to us. Whether write to us please there is a given kind of marble at you available, and also us the prices for the given marble are necessary at purchase of 400 sq. m and 2000 sq.m. Jan 12 Contact
e 26909 Croatia: We are interesting in polished slabs of NERO IMPALA (RUSTENBURG). Slabs dimensions.. 250-300x150-200 centimeters ..thickness 3, 5, 6, 8 centimeters. Slabs thick 6, 8 should be polished on both sides. Slabs should be high quality polished without scratches and cracks.. We are interesting in for the first time for buying about 5 containers of this stone, and in the future for about 20-30 containers a year!!
The slabs are for tombstone/monument production we are searching for a long term business relationship. Tel: 00385992......Jan 12 Contact
e 26908 UK: Interested in a hard rock crushing plant. Please send details. Tel: +44 (0)1451 8.....Jan 12 Contact
e 26907 India: I AM INTERESTED TO BUY A ENGRAVING MACHINE. CONTACT 99253.....Jan 12 Contact
e 26906: I would like to request the price for crane hook capacity of
80 tons with 12 meters height 1 no.
20 tons with 8 meters height 4 nos. Jan 12 Contact
e 26905 Montenegro: We are company from Montenegro.
We are interested in granite tiles.
Could you send me next, best prices.
red multicolor tiles polish 40x40x1 cm, qty. 400 m2
red multicolor tiles polish 40x40x1.5 cm, qty. 400 m2
kashmir white tiles polish 40x40x1 cm, qty. 400 m2
kashmir white tiles polish 40x40x1.5 cm, qty. 400 m2
blue pearl polish (norway granite) 40x40x1 cm, qty. 400 m2
blue pearl polish (norway granite) 40x40x1,5 cm, qty. 400 m2.
Tel: +382 69 8.....Jan 12 Contact
e 26904 USA: I will like to know if you have Fireplace Stoves for sale?? If yes kindly let me know so that i can get back to you with the types of Stoves i need then you can quote me. Do you accept charge cards?? Jan 11 Contact
e 26903 UAE: We are looking for Gabro Aggregates and the requirement is as follows:
1. 20 - 10 mm
2. 10-5 mm
We require initially 1 Ton for our Trial Batch.
Mobile: +971 (0)50 55.....Jan 10 Contact
e 26902: Interested in 7" thick granite steps. Jan 10 Contact
e 26901 selangor: Asking to quote landscape (material & labour). Telephone: 01626.....Jan 9 Contact
e 26900 USA; Retail: Can you locate laguna red slab for me? Jan 9 Contact
e 26899 Bangladesh: We are interested in marketing your products herein Bangladesh. Some of our customers need to import Pumice Stone. Kindly quote your rock bottom C&FC, Chittagong price of Pumice Stone size 2-3 cm 2 FCL, 2X40' container including our commission US$ 5 / M. Ton in container shipment payment by L/c at sight with pre-shipment inspection. Pre-shipment inspection at importer cost this is our Government rule. Tel: +880-2-83.....Jan 8 Contact
e 26898 USA: What's is the price per sq ft for blue Louise, or does it have another name? Need in 2 or 3 cm. Jan 7 Contact
e 26897 Israel: We are interested in grey quartzite tiles 30 x free x 2 honed. Please specify timetable for supplying to Israel. Tel: 972-2-99.....Jan 7 Contact
e 26896: Interested in a terrazzo plant. See ready stock 310. Call me in the US 865-81.....Jan 7 Contact
e 26895 France: I am Looking for a supplier for Tiles:
Marble: Perlatino from Italy.
Dimensions 40x40x2 cm.
Quantité : 15000 m2.
Tél : + 33 6 74 9.....Jan 6 Contact
e 26894: I am interested in New KATO Cranes. I plan to purchase 1 unit crane (Rough Terrain type) with the following specifications:
1. produced by Kato or Tadano
2. it has a capacity of 45 tons. Jan 6 Contact
e 26893: I need 200 square meters wheat or similar in colour marble tiles either polished or laminated marbles. Jan 5 Contact
e 26892 UAE: Kindly advice us who can we contact to send official inquiry & get sample for Pea Gravel in gray color. Tel: +971 2 65.....Jan 4 Contact
e 26891 India: Now I am build a new house about 1400 sq.ft in my Native place Karaikudi, sivaganga district. I want MARBLES, GRANITES, TILES, STONES. So, please send latest price list and catalogue for me, and also give your retail shop address in my area (karaikudy or trichy). Jan 4 Contact
e 26890 Romania: For a Hotel Project in Tripoli / Lybia we need following materials:
1.18 Floor: Granit 24 m2 RED ROYAL, polished, 40 x 40 x 2
1.18.1 Fascade: Granit 2817 m2 RED ROYAL, polished, Format: "is not fixed yet"!

1.20 Floor, marble, polished 6650 m2, Perlato Sicilia, any clour, 40 x 40 x 2
1.21 socle, marble, top edge rounded profiled, polished, 4271 m, Perlato Sicilia, any colour, ca.30 x 10 x 2

1.22 stair steps, marble, polished, front edge rounded profiled, 800 m, Perlato Sicilia, any colour, 125 x 30 x 3 / piece
1.23 stair raisers, marble, polished, 800 m, Perlato Sicilia, any colour, 125 x 18 x 2 / piece
1.24 Floor, marble, polished, 693 m2, Perlato Sicilia, any colour, 40 x 40 x 2
1.25 socle, marble, top edge rounded profiled, polished, 640 m, Perlato Sicilia, any colour, ca.30 x 10 x 2

Please give us you price offer incl. delivery to Tripoli incl. unloading costs in harbour Tripoli.
We expect your offer latest until 15.01.2010. In case you have questions do not hesitate to contact us by mail
or phone. mobile +40730-3.....Jan 4 Contact
e 26889 Spain: We a company established in 2004. We are a sourcing and consulting company for various distribution projects where experienced know how for the distribution of raw materials in Europe or other international markets is required. Amongst the distribution projects we are dealing with, is since five years the import of natural stones in form of finished tiles and massive parts (travertine, limestone, marble & onyx) into Europe for our distribution to builders and gross sellers. We have added cubes, paving patterns, wall stones and a variety of outdoor tiles made out of granit, sand & limestone to the sales programme. We are now precising below the approximate volume for our actual purchases to you and ask to rush your offer by return e-mail:
a) granite paving stones, split face, in big bags
your alternative proposals are appreciated.
In case you do not produce granite stone, you can offer similar paving stones made from your stone type alternatively to us or recommend to us valuable producers known by you.
qty: approx 1200 metric tons net
various sizes, pls. offer individual per size:
i) 6 x 8 x thickness 8 cm
ii) 8 x 11 x thickness 8 - 10 cm
iii) 18 x18 x thickness 18 cm
size i) approx 500 mt
size ii) approx 500 mt
size iii) approx 200 mt
packing: big bags (please state specific weight of your granit cubic meter)
b) sandstone tiles, thickness 2,5 cm, rough split surface, chiselled edges
your alternative proposals are appreciated.
In case you do not produce sandstone tiles, you can offer similar stone tiles made from your stone type alternatively to us or recommend to us valuable producers known by you .
60 x 60 x 2,5 cm
60 x 90 x 2,5 cm
packing: product to be safely stowed and packed in pallets, pallets to be stowed in 20" container
qty: approx. 5000 m2
other conditions applying for both products a.) and b.)are mentioned below.
delivery time:
50% of the above mentioned quantity jan/feb 2010 shipment
50% of the above mentioned quantity mar/apr 2010 shipment
international standard secured payment via one of our prime spanish banks
please offer the following delivery terms:
i) fob main port stowed in container
ii) free container terminal graz/austria, postal code A 8010 (one of our stocking places from where distribute)
environmental prescriptions:
if not otherwise stated by you, it is considered that your goods, packing or packing materials are free of any hazardous materials which could endanger illnesses or damage to human beeings and it is considered that your goods, packing or packing materials do comply with the environmental standards of the european union for such goods or materials.
your offer should be valid until 20th of jan. 2010.
looking forward to your competitive offer, and awaiting at first your prompt fob prices followed by the free container terminal graz prizes.
please do consider this moment as a possibility to enter with us in a reliable longterm business relation.
PHONE 00349716.....Jan 4 Contact
e 26888 Canada: Interested to import granite block-slab from peru. Please send us information, prices, etc. Telephone: 90526......Jan 2 Contact
e 26887 China: We want to buy 10m3 verde bahia, from Brazil directly. Tel: +86 592 20.....Jan 2 Contact
e 26886: I am trying to find a supplier of marble tiles in Bulgaria. Jan 2 Contact
e 26885: I am looking for some Tufa Stone. What are your prices for small quantities? Jan 1 Contact

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.