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30 inquiries so far in July, 69 inquiries in June

The coding is: Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 27249 USA: LOOKING FOR 6000 SF OF SLATE. GREY GREEN COLOR. Telephone: 708-59.....  June 30 Contact
e 27248 India: Requires 2800 Sq. Ft. marbles at maximum cheapest rate, with good quality. Salem city is my place. Mobile: 99524..... June 30 Contact
e 27247 UK: I wish to purchase Block Stone on a regular basis? Tel +44 (0) 12462.....June 30 Contact
e 27246: I am interested in contact regarding Vratza limestone in slabs. Terms, time, etc.? Tel: +7 926 22.....June 30 Contact
e 27245 Saudi Arabia: We are looking for Hydraulic Stone Splitter to produce cuibc and kerbstone. Telephone: 00966 2 28..... June 29 Contact
e 27244 nigeria: I need a quote for china floor tiles 2200sqm, wall tiles 850 sqm nigeria bathroom floor tiles. Telephone: +234 07 414..... June 29 Contact
e 27243: Our company is interested in your CAT 950B. Please send me all pictures and price to Karachi, Pakistan port. June 29 Contact
e 27242: I was wondering if you could give me more info... year, contact, and location for Komatsu D375 A. June 28 Contact
e 27241 : I am interested in the rate of various type of marble, granite, onyx, etc in india, specifically in mumbai. Kindly mail me the details. And what are the transportation charges and labour charges.  June 28 Contact
e 27240 Nigeria: We want buy in bulk for our floor of our rooms, how could you order it to us and how much could we pay? Telephone: +23480677.....June 27 Contact
e 27239 Bangladesh: We Wish To Import Pumice Stone From Indonesia. Telephone: 019114..... June 25 Contact
e 27238 India: I need 50,000 sq ft. per month (minimum) of Kota stone. Tel: 081090.....  June 25 Contact
e 27237 USA: Retail: I want the green brazilian tile. Where can I find some of the more exotic colors. I live in SF.  June 24 Contact
e 27236: Our company needs to buy tiles for our cottages and we need you to supply tiles for us, could you give us an estimate on a cost of buying a trailer? June 24 Contact
e 27235 USA: I am interested in purchasing enough sandstone blocks for a wall with approximately 500 square feet of exposed face. Are the blocks all consistent 12" height or do they vary? What is the color? I am located in Connecticut. Can you tell me what shipping rate would be? Phone: 860-58.....June 24 Contact
e 27234 Gambia: Please we would like to know more about your tiles so that we we buy 4 export to Gambia and Nigeria.
Telephone: 00220 70..... June 23 Contact
e 27233 Qatar: Please find attached (image 1, image 2, image 3)the Enquiry for the Supply of River Stone for the above mentioned project, based on the documents attached on or before 03rd July 2010, to meet our deadline to submit to the Client. Tel: +974 44.....June 23 Contact
e 27232 India: PLEASE SEND ME YOUR STONE CATALOGUE.  TEL: +91 11 2525.....  June 23 Contact
e 27231 India: We have clients in West Indies and Germany, who are asking for the Granite from India for building temple over there. Expecting your quote for the attached files. If any clarification mail to me or contact me at my mobile number + 91 (0)9962.....June 22 Contact
e 27230 UAE: We are doing project in Dubai where we will have to use European from English country Granites in our project. Initially we need 157 units as per the attached. If the cutting and trimming an issue we can do locally, supply will be fine. In order to obtain the approval from our client. We will need the following documents for material submittals. Kindly provide us.
i) Material Properties such as color, density and other characteristics as per data sheet requirements are needed
ii) Test Record is required as per ASTM Codes.
Thickness is NOT required to be same. Can be changed.
Tel +971 4 33.....June 22 Contact
e 27229 Pakistan: We are a company providing sales and services to Oil & Gas and Power sector. For one of our job there is a requirement of 40 ton Hydraulic Mobile Crane (8x4). please send me your email address immediately so that i would send you the specification of the crane. keep in mind we need the new one crane. Telephone: 92 42 357..... June 22 Contact
e 27228 USA: I am looking for 4 bundle of tan brown and 2 bundle of black galaxy, 1 bundle of absolute block, as this is a first deal placing less order, it may increase based on the quality of the stone. The size would 170*140 and thickness is 1 cm . 2 cm and 3 cm. Please provide quote with best rate. June 22 Contact
e 27227 Trinidad: I am interested in South Indian granite, gangsaw slabs 2cm. Telephone: 1 868 65..... June 22 Contact
e 27226 USA: I need two 8x5 slabs -- 3cm to be used for kitchen countertops. My heart is set on the natural cleft finish. The need is absolutely immediate. Today the fabricator delivered the counters made with the stone I had picked with two long cracks, which I had not picked. My kitchen renovation cannot be finished until the countertops are installed. These were the only two pieces the supplier had and he is not bringing in any more. Please email me if you have any questions or need further information. Tel: 202- 35.....June 22 Contact
e 27225 USA: I am sending you email regarding to Order Granite and i will need you to fabricate some counter tops for me and as soon as it is done and paid for it will be picked up from your locations so i will need you to get back to me with the total quote for the following counter tops without installation but i need the total cost with tax only and i will handle the installation my self. This is what I need.

qty2,Absolute Black Island 36 X 76 with Full Bullnose edges... Granite.
qty2,Absolute Black Island 42 X 84 with Full Bullnose edges... Granite.
Grey limestone 200mm x 200mm x 20mm 30 sq mt.
Black Galaxy Granite Tile Polished 12X12
Wall/Floor Tile: 12X12, 18X18
and I will like to order those and i will handle the installation my self so i will need you to get back to me with the pick up price for the four counter tops and. Also what types of Credit Card do you accept?  June 21 Contact
e 27224 Ukraine: Please send photos and prices onyx Laguna (Green), Rosso Laguna (Red) and Cream Laguna (Beige). What are the dimensions? June 18 Contact
e 27223: Please provide me more information about marble tiles type Cecilia.  June 18 Contact
e 27222 UAE: Would you please advice you best offer of following item: 1-used wheel excavator made in 2007 brand daewoo, hyundai. Telephone: 00971422.....June 17 Contact
e 27221 USA:  Please let me know the prices of the Granite headstones and below are the ones that i need,
black granite tombstone
Standard Tablet Stone.
black marble headstones
Kindly let me know the ones that you do have in stock now and also let me know the forms of payment you do take. June 17
e 27220 USA: I am looking for large granite or brownstone blocks within reasonable distance from Connecticut. Blocks preferably 18" to 36" height. Lengths can vary. I need enough to construct about 500 square feet of wall. I am looking to purchase the blocks immediately but can wait about a month if necessary. Phone: 860-58.....June 17 Contact
e 27219 USA: I would like to call you about the granite cobbles- we are in Northern Vermont. Are they available? Tel: 80262.....June 16 Contact
e 27218: Can I get prices mut travertine. June 16 Contact
e 27217 India: We are interested in CHAIN SAW CUTTING MACHINE from Italy. Please email quotes and images. Tel No.: +91 22 400.....June 15 Contact
e 27216 USA: I will like to know if you do sell Granite tile in your company, and if you do i will like you to go ahead and get me the prices based of the BLACK GALAXY GRANITE 12" X 12" 3/8 POLISHED. Hoping to hear from you with the prices so that i can email you back with the quantities i need to order from you company. Tel: 570-48.....June 15 Contact
e 27215: INTERESTED IN ALL KINDS OF SAUDI GRANITE & RIYADH STONE. See Supplier sp2239-sa. Contact no: +48 512 2.....June 15 Contact
e 27214 India: We will be deeply interested in Brazilian Quartzite if you may supply us a very big quantity. May I request you to send me the detailed colour catalogue and price for the same by return mail. Phone +91-278-25.....June 15 Contact
e 27213 India: I am interested in granite gangsaw and line polisher for granite, please send me the details and photos of the machines, also quote for them. Tel: 0091 98290......June 14 Contact
e 27212 South Africa: I would like to know whether you carry INTERLOCKING BLOCK MAKING MACHINE. If you do, can you please reply me back with the types and ranges prices you offer so that I may let you know the type and quantities that I'm looking for. I'm shipping the Items to South Africa and will be recommending a freight company come to your location and pickup the items to send to South Africa. I would also like to know the form of payment you accept. June 14 Contact
e 27211 South Africa: I want to find out the price of black granite. Call: 011 70.....June 14 Contact
e 27210 India: We want 5000 - 6000 sq. ft. of stone for flooring of an industrial shed. Please advise the most economical option. Tel: +91 98390.....June 14 Contact
e 27209: Please quote for the following:
Granites: Lilac, Paradise (light), Colombo juprana, Juaprana India, Midnight blue, White galaxy, Camel cream, Mayur, Sivakasi yellow, Rosso perla, Coral blue, Chima pink, Summer sky, Zirawal white, Giblee, Viscount White, Padua fantasy, Indian multi color.
Type of Marble: Fig white, Abu figurative, Fancy brown, Verde-classico, Emerald green, Sea green, Abu black, Babarmal pink, Fancy green, Fancy forest, Fancy brown, Rosa volcano, Brown deer1. June 14
e 27208 India: Please send prices of all Indian Granite Tiles of export sizes alongwith thicknesses accordingly FOB Indian Port in Indian Rupees per Square Meter duly seaworthy packed. The prices must include of Rosy Pink also. Telephone: +919878.....June 13 Contact
e 27207: We want buy red agadir blocks. Send me best price of ton. June 13 Contact
e 27206 India: We will be deeply interested in Brazilian Quartzite if you may supply us a very big quantity. May I request you to send me the detailed colour catalogue and price for the same by return mail. Phone +91-278-25.....June 11 Contact
e 27205 Italy: We are interested in travertine from Turkey. Tel: + (502) 578...... June 11 Contact
e 27204 China: we need blue bahia granite. June 11 Contact
e 27203 Yemen: Kindly please send us details of the stone machines including the pictures specification and all related information then we will revise and select the one will meet our work requirement, we also like to know each machine prices. Tel: 00967-1-2..... June 10 Contact
e 27202 USA: I am looking for granite countertops polished. June 10 Contact
e 27201 THAILAND: I am looking for caterpillar 740, year 2005 above. Quantity 3 - 4 units in good working condition. MOBILE 6681-58.....June 9 Contact
e 27200 USA: I am looking for a supplier of Lockatong Argillite for a project in the Trenton NJ area. The stone is to be used as a veneer stone for buildings and landscape walls. I have attached a photo (image 1, image 2) of sample taken from an existing wall we want to match. Tel: 215.73.....June 9 Contact
e 27199 USA: We are embarking on a remodel project and are looking for 2-3,000 brick to go with the attached. I have been told these are called Chicago clinker bricks. Do you have anything available? Tel: 608-75.....June 9 Contact
e 27198 Poland: Please quote for blocks: minimum size 220x110cm; slabs: min size 220x110x3cm, 220x110x5cm, 220x110x6cm; purpose: monuments and construction. Ready to import from: South Africa, Spain, India, Brasil, Portugal, Italy, Iran. Tel: +485122..... June 9 Contact
e 27197 Poland: Interested in WHITE CARRARA C/D marble polished tiles. See readystock 442. June 8 Contact
e 27196 Yemen: We are trading and marketing company in Yemen and in the stone business for long time. We are seeking to buy several types of Indian granite and marble. We have some names that we recorded from new project requirement, like the following:-
1- Marry gold
2- Royal tropic brown
3- Angina green
4- Royal dark brown.
All these granite types carried out the same size which is 120 up x 240 up x 2 & 3 cm. Kindly please quote us accordingly FOB. June 8
e 27195 Mexico: Can you please help me with the name of this marble (the one in the floor) attached in the picture, this is for a project in Mexico. June 8 Contact
e 27194 UAE: Kindly provide your price for supply of the following reconstituted floor tile up to port of Dubai A.S.A.P.
Qty : 280m2
Specification :
ITEM: Reconstituted Floor Tile
AREA USE: Entrance Lobby
ITEM CODE: Lapi Stone Aosta Blue Glass T660
DESCRIPTION: 600mm x 600mm x 12mm Engineered stone made quartz sands (93%), with mirror chips, bound with polyester resin (7%). Mob:+971 5576...... June 8
e 27193 Afghanistan: We are one of the biggest Afghan companies which have 30 construction projects with US Army Corp of Engineer in all over Afghanistan. Our Quality Control office is interested in applying the Crane
Model: KATO (Boom length 28 meter) Loading capacity: 16 Tone Rotation Degree: 360 Degree To become more effective and efficient for our Construction. In addition to the initial set-up, we need to give us information about your products to ensure effective use & validity:
1=Product data
CE Marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive 98-37-EC. New 4 Year Test Certificates.
New Wire Rope Certificates.
New Hook Block Certificates.
New Inspection Certificate.
Cell: +93 777 9.....June 8
e 27192 UK: retail: Would you be able to tell me if you have Lioz de Pero Pinheiro Beige Limestone Tiles (size: 12 inch x 12 inch). I need it for my bathroom and kitchen please let me know if you have them, how much they cost and what qtys I can get.? Preferably around 50 tiles is all I need. June 8 Contact
e 27191: Looking for 2000 sf of 12 x 12 Chinese polished granite, Surf white, white oyster or wave white. Tel: 248-47.....June 7 Contact
e 27190 Ukraine: We would like to begin cooperation with your firm. Our firm in Ukraine, is engaged in a cutting of details from marble and other natural stones on a method +WATER JET; and we will be develops further. We heard about your firm only very good responses and for us it is very important. It is necessary for us to know the prices for your production, and at present us the prices for following positions interest:
The name
1 Crema MARE slabs 20 mm - 650sq.m 30 mm - 100 sq.m
2 Perfect Brown or Emperador Dark 20 mm - 150 sq.m.
3 Equator 20 mm
4 Sugar Beige 20 mm 30 mm
Slabs polished
Send us a photo slabs of these positions. Whether write discounts and what are possible? My tel. +38-097-02.....June 7
e 27189 Pakistan: Our company is interested in Cat 950B. So please send me all pictures and price to Karachi Pakistan port. June 7 Contact
e 27188 India: Please if you can sent to us the price lists of marble and granites from India. June 7 Contact
e 27187 Ireland: I am looking for a marble tile approx 120m2 it is a gray /Tan with some pink don't know where its from I have attached a photo of a 60x30 tile cut in half the right side id honed the left polished the 305x305 tile id Bardillo the desk is Crema marfil. June 5 Contact
e 27186 Croatia: Quote for NERO Impala Medium granite polished slabs from South Africa to import to Croatia. The thickness should be 3,5,6,8 centimeters., the price should be for sqm. Quantity 2600 sqm. Tel: 003859923.....June 5 Contact
e 27185 India: We are importer of granite diamond cutting blade so our product list & price list CIF Mumbai (India). We urgent require granite diamond blade. Specification : 350*2. 2*10*50mm / 350*2. 2*10*51mm. Price & minimum quaintly / payment terms. Mobile: +91-99798.....June 3 Contact 
e 27184 UK: I am looking and wondered what the price was 12" x 12" tiles in white marble and red marble. I'm from the UK and saw you do red marble for 700USD per cubic metre. June 3 Contact 
e 27183 USA: I need a quote for a 36" X 36" X 30" HT. Granite Block with top surface ground (price for Granite Block and shipping). Need to have your best delivery date. Phone: 440 99.....June 2 Contact 
e 27182 USA: Retail: I am looking for a partial slab of Rain Forest Green with leather finish (not polished). I'm in San Jose 408-83.....
I need approximately 30 sq ft for a back splash approx 18" high enough to piece a section 20ft long. I need it now. I have a fabricator. I'm looking for someone who might have something left over from a previous job. June 2 Contact 
e 27181 South Africa: Please advise if you wholesale clear, rose and amethyst quartz lamps. I am interested in bulk purchasing. June 1 Contact 
e 27180: We are looking for a capable Supplier/Manufacturer of Earthmoving Machines....who can handle a supply of 300 Pieces of Caterpillers. June 1 Contact 

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We are currently corresponding with several Chinese and Indian suppliers who made contact with us in response to an inquiry we sent you several weeks ago. I think your service is splendid and I regret it took me so long to find you. Keep up the good work, you provide a valuable service for companies like ours. Best regards, John, USA.