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69 inquiries in January 2011
The coding is: Inquiry Number, Country of buyer. Images are in stone album
e 27714: Wish to order 32 sq. ft. of San Mateo tumbled. Prefer 3 X 6 or 6 X 6. Please send price and shipping cost. Jan 31 Contact
e 27713 India: I am looking for the Longinotti (Italy) Press Machine and I did not found the Picture and Pricing, Condition, etc. Jan 31 Contact
e 27712 HUNGARY: We would like to have your best price for THASSOS "A" and "A1", surface honed and polished. 
60x60x2 cm 150 m2 
60x3 cm, free lenghts between 80-120 cm 50 m2 
57x3 cm, free lenghts between 80-120 cm 170 m2 
40x3 cm, free lenghts between 80-120 cm 86 m2 
30x3 cm, free lenghts between 80-120 cm 34 m2 
Jan 31 Contact
e 27711: I am interested in buying light beige blocks for local processing. Kindly please e-mail me the pricelist of the smaller blocks which are good for 18"x18" and 24"x24" tiles. Our block cutter has a stationary blade which can not be raised nor lowered that's why we just need the blocks which can go under the machine and are your rejects for export. I believe that these have a lower price compared to the blocks for export. Jan 31 Contact
e 27710 UK: Could you please give me a quote for a 130 X 50 X 2,5 cm (or 3cm if possible) slab of onyx polished on 4 sides? tel. +4477117.....Jan 31 Contact
e 27709 South Africa: We are urgently looking to buy a diamond wire saw to cut granite slabs, must be 2nd hand in good working condition. Telephone: 07641.....Jan 29 Contact
e 27708 India: We are running Medical Hospital Construction, in need for 23x23 kota stone,total quantity 5-6lakh sqft, we send us the best possible quote.  Jan 29 Contact
e 27707: I am interested in buying BOTTICINO SLABS. THE PRICE WOULD BE INTERESTED FOR 80X80X2CM PER M2 IDEA USD 18/M2 CNF KEELUNG PORT. Jan 28 Contact
e 27706: I wanted to buy Marble Tiles from India and was looking for the best price I can get to import to Kenya. I was looking to bring my first consignment in February and would realy appreciate your help in sending me a pricelists of the most reputable companies in India. Tel: +7271.....Jan 28 Contact
e 27705 USA: I was wondering what's the thinnest you slice your marble and how much the cheapest slabs of 1m x 2m would be. Telephone: 80431..... Jan 28 Contact
e 27704 USA: retail: Please price on a 500x500 charcoal stepping stone. Telephone: 011 47..... Jan 27 Contact
e 27703 USA: Interested in a Multi Block Wire Saw. Jan 27 Contact
e 27702 USA: I just started a company and what some prices to buy slabs. I need a distributors and prices. Telephone: 956-45..... Jan 26 Contact
e 27701: Do you sell Buffing Pad and do you take credit card for this order. Jan 26 Contact
e 27700: Sardo Grey Cobblestones all sides natural Top flamed Size: 10 x 10 x 10cm 625 tonnes over 3 months starting asap FOB Chennai Please provide a quote and delivery period. Jan 26 Contact
e 27699 India: Retail: i want marble stones. Jan 26 Contact
e 27698 UK: I will like to know the price of high purity rose quartz and clear quartz, high purity of about 98% purity. Jan 26 Contact
e 27697 Canada: We are a trading company in Canada. Some of our contacts in USA are interested in the import of onyx slabs and tiles. We have, until recently, been offering green onyx blocks and slabs of Pakistani and Afghan origin but now, due to turmoil in the area, supplies from there are no longer regular and steady. Therefore, we want to substitute the supply source from existing to some other. Please advise how many types of onyx blocks or tiles are available with you and what would be their prices CIF USA port. Please also send pictures of the respective types. Jan 24 Contact
e 27696 UAE: How much the price for white thassos, 2cm, quantity 2000m2. Telephone: 009715586..... Jan 24 Contact
e 27695: Please give me pictures and best price for Komatsu. Jan 24 Contact
e 27694: Interested in salvaged limestone blocks. Jan 24 Contact
e 27693 Sudan: One of the largest groups in Sudan - A Private group of companies - Our vision to enter the marble & granite business. Jan 23 Contact
e 27692: I am emailing you concerning the Counter Tops Here are the Granite Counter Tops am interested:
Absolute Black Island 36 X 76 with Full Bull nose edges (3)
Absolute Black Island 42 X 84 with Full Bull nose edges.(2)
What will be the grand total including tax without shipping and installation to be picked up from your location on the 5 units counter tops. Do you accept major credit cards as payment options? Jan 23 Contact
e 27691: Looking for Pure White Marble Size - 60 X 40 X 2 for the total size of 30000 Sq Ft VERY URGENTLY. We request the suplliers to send the FOB - Quote details for Mundra / Mumbai / Chennai. Please include the break up details like Excise, Sale Tax, Transporation, Border Tax etc. The Payment will be very quick and on standards. Jan 22 Contact
e 27690: I am looking for a good source for serpentine scrap. I am a stone carver. Jan 22 Contact
e 27689: Kindly send me a price-list of your granite/marble products. Jan 21 Contact
e 27688: We are a builder and developer established in 1982 and are active in north india. We are looking to purchase around 12000 to 15000 marble Polished / non-polished min thickness 20 mm Indian good white or imported is not an issue. Jan 21 Contact
e 27687: Please quote your best prices range per sqm for the following Marble tiles F.O.B:
e 27686 USA: Need 18x18 marble tiles -- Statuary Venato preferred. Bianco Statuary possible. Telephone: 7093.79.....Jan 20 Contact
e 27685: Can you supply me with types of (baluster table lamp) that you have instock, and get back to me with types and varrieties that you have available, also I want to know if you accept master card or visa card for payment? Jan 19 Contact
e 27684: Need to know the range of prices for 1 sq mt of 20mm thick marble slabs. Quantity initially will be small but will scale up after first few shipments. Jan 19 Contact